Fall and crash

Emma and Luke were in love until one night changed the way Emma felt


3. hate

Emma and Luke were official. And then the hate started getting bad. Hey Emi! Cal yelled. Yea Cal. Please don't go on twitter. I won't. I grab my laptop and run up to my bedroom. All the thoughts in my head telling me to just take a quick look. So I did. Luke could do better than her. she is a slut just look at her. Wow I can am better than Emma how did she even get Luke.

Then I looked at the trending hashtags



I couldn't read anymore I closed my laptop and cried. All of a sudden I felt two big arms wrap around my waist. Emi why are you crying? Luke asked. Oh I am just a little homesick. You say a little louder. Oh ok if you need me just yell. Ok Luke.

I picked up my blade and went to the bathroom and locked the door. I have been cutting since I was 13. I started to cut slow at first and then fast and deep. I looked at my arm it was full of cuts and blood. Then I heard Michael at the door. Emma you in there? He asked. Yeah I will be out in a second.

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