Fall and crash

Emma and Luke were in love until one night changed the way Emma felt


4. can you keep a secret?

Emma! Michael said knocking at the door. I said one second! You were trying to clean up the blood when Michael bursts through the door. MICHAEL! You yelled. Trying to hide your cuts. Emma what did you do he said holding up your arm. Please don't tell Luke. You say crying. I won't but why did you do this? Because of all the hate. You say slowly. It's ok there just jealous that your the most beautiful girl in the world. He says with a smirk. Thanks Mikey. Let me help you get cleaned up. Ok sounds good you say. You got cleaned up and went to your bedroom. Then Luke comes bursting through the door. Luke you say surprised. Emma I am going out with my friend James is that okay. Sure I guess. You say.


You woke up and turned the TV on. Then you hear the name Luke Hemmings. You Quickly lift your head. You hear Luke Hemmings Zoella caught on a date? What will Emma think?

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