Fall and crash

Emma and Luke were in love until one night changed the way Emma felt


8. best boyfriend?

Can I not love my girlfriend? Luke asked. Oh don't you mean ZOELLA. No Emma I love you.

Luke I love you too. But so early in our dating you changed.

Just give me one more chance please Emma?

One more Luke and then if you blow it I'm done.

Ok babe.



Good morning beautiful.

Morning Lukey baby.

He kissed me and got up to wake Ashton.

I slowly got out of bed to pee

No.! I yell

Luke comes running babe what's wrong!?

Oh um it nothing

Oh Mother Nature came.? Luke asked


You take care of your problem and walk out.

Come here baby. Luke puts his arms out to hug you. You jump into his arms. He picks you up and lays you down on the bed. You fall asleep.

You wake up crying. Lukey come here please. You ask crying. He runs over to you. Yes baby. I have cramps. Awe poor girl. He grabs the heating pad and puts it on your belly. Then he rubs your belly. Thanks Lukey babe your the best boyfriend ever. He smiles as you fall asleep in each others arms


Hey you guys might have more updates bc I am sick:(

Love you babes💚💙

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