Save Me

Basically this story is about a girl, who the reader is 'playing', she wants to be saved from her relationship. The ending isn't very good but what the hell!


5. Help

I press the button on the side of my phone, it reacts to my touch and flashes my lock screen saver, a picture is displayed of me and Paul. I want to change it but I'm too afraid of what would happen. I unlock the screen, mentally thanking God that he didn't change the password. I click on contacts and Daniel's picture. The image enlarges as it beings to ring. Once, twice, three times, pick up I need you. On the fifth ring he answers.


"Daniel, it's me." 

He recognises my voice "Hey! How are you?"

I wasn't sure how to respond. So decided to lie. "I'm OK, you?"

He clearly didn't believe me, "Mmhmm. So want to tell me what's wrong then?"

"It's nothing, me and Paul just had a fight. It's seriously nothing."

"Well as long as you're OK," 

This conversation was killing me. I wanted to tell him, "Yeah I'm honestly fine! Stop worrying!"

I hear a voice boom in the background, "Good then we can get back to what we started last night!" It's Paul. I was too scared to even turn to face him. I hear Daniel's voice get quieter and quieter as my ears decide to stop working,

"Hello? Are you still there?" I hear Daniel's voice, I feel my hands go weak and Paul grab the phone from me.

"She's gonna have to call you back!" He shouts into the phone before throwing it against the wall, it broke, Paul has got too good at breaking things.

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