Beau Brooks Takes Care Of Me

I am sick and Beau takes care of me in the cutest way possible.


1. Imagine Beau

Someone says good morning princess how are you and gives you a kiss on the forehead. You open your eyes to find that it was Beau. He had brought you breakfast in bed. As you are to weak to move he sits you up and feeds you. After breakfast you go take a shower with the help of beau walking you there and you also brush your teeth and comb your hair. As you were putting on your clothes you hear Beau coming up the stairs and he says come lie down princess, so you go and lie down on his chest as he plays with your hair, then he said giving you a kiss on the forehead I love you Chanel, then you reply saying I love you too. then you started shaking and had a high fever as Beau wrapped his arms around you and said I'll keep you warm princess as he gives you a kiss on the cheek and you drift away sleeping in his warm arms. Then we lived happily ever after. 



The End   

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