Best friends

Charlotte was best friends with the janoskians but ever since janoskians have been in the fame they have completely forgotten about her.
Will one day bring the back together for good or for worse?


1. Best friends forever and ever?


Charlotte p.o.v

"Hi charl, how are you babe? Beau asked, who is one of my best friends, I love him to peices. Especially Luke, the way he wears them beauties, the way he smi-

"Charlotte stop day dreaming about Luke, we can hear you" Jai said interrupting my thoughts.

"Shit I am sorry Luke, I didn't mean to think them things!" I said, whilst blushing, I bet you I looked like a beetroot, I am not even joking!

"It's ok charl, I think of you all the time!" Luke said in front of everyone joking around, whilst I felt like he hates me and everyone is just here because my mum's friend is Gina Brooks!


Everyone interrupted in laughter. I felt like I didn't want to be here anymore, so I ran up stairs crying my eyes out.



"Hello were the janoskians and today we are going to be doing public pissing" the janoskians, who once were my best friends, but now all I am to them is a person, they don't remember me or anything, but that will change today. My best friend Ruby has won a competition to meet them and spend time with them for six months, I hope they will remember, but they don't I will be a loner like everyone else.

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