Lucky girl

Ellie was a normal 17 year old girl who was born in Portugal . She was an only daughter , her parents divorced when she was younger , she lives with her dad in a small house . And of course she was a fangirl , her idol was Ariana Grande and she also like the Janoskians , some faggots from youtube ( just kidding ) , and one day something happened ... if you want to know what happened just read !!


6. The first kiss ...

6. The first kiss ...



We took a taxi all the way and we were holding hands and kissing, the driver looked at us with a look of disapproval, but I was happy and that's what mattered. The taxi stopped at my door, we paid and we were some time sitting at my doorstep. Luke had combined with Skip that they came here and now seek only missing five minutes. 
- Tomorrow you come with me to the airport? - Asked. 
- I hate goodbyes Luke ... 
- It's not goodbye ... So reach Australia I'll send you message or logo will call the web to talk to you ... So you can come here and you're going there summer. Even if your parents do not pay I'll get you one way to go. - Told me. 
- You make it sound so easy ... I feel safe with you. - Told him. 
He gave me a kiss on the head. 

- I have that effect on people. - Said laughing and making a gesture with his arm. 

We were silent some time, just wanted to spend more time with ele.Tive an urge to hug him, wanted to be happy with it. Now just here for some time to be together novo.- I gave him a big hug and a peck on the cheek. 

After some time they arrived. I was with a tear in the eye but I had to restrain myself. 
- Do not be so tomorrow we're still together a bit. - Told me laughing. - Just do not tell me to dinner because you've said you have to go to your mother. 
- I know. - I gave him a kiss. Just heard that the boys had gone to the car window and started assobiar.- Go go there they are waiting. - Told him pushing it. He gave me another kiss and went to the car. 

Before they themselves go away waved to the boys, Luke made ​​me a heart with his hands and laid out his tongue. 

  I entered the house and started crying. Going to miss that fool. 
I talked to my mom and went to my room. After the dinner hour was not very hungry but did not want my mother realized I was sad. 
- So how was your day? - Asked my mother. 
- Good and yours? - I answered. 
- Also. Walked in too? 
- Yes I went to the park and shopping mall.. 
- Well done. The cap I bought is funny. 
- Yeah. - Said smiling. - Mom can go out tomorrow morning? I have to go with a friend to the airport. He will return to Australia. 
- What a friend. 
- Do not know. - Told him. 
- Okay, so I can. What time? 
- I think you're 8am but still I'm not sure. They come get me and then ask me to go to Rú get there. 
- OK. 
- Mother go to bed, I'm tired. - Told him. 
- Sleep tight. - And gave me a kiss on the forehead. 
I put on my pajamas and lay down. I was almost asleep when I feel the phone vibrate. I went to see who it was. 
Message: "Girlfriend <3" 
Could only be Luke. I replied. 
Message: "Boyfriend * - *" 
Answered last few seconds again. 
Message: "Tomorrow at 8am we will pick you ok?" 
Message: "For me yeah :)" 
This time it took longer to respond, had almost asleep again when I sent message. 
Message. "They were filled bothering to know what we had and I ended up telling them it's bad?" 
For me there was no harm then replied. 
Message: ". Course not for me I'm not ashamed to be your girlfriend the contrary, I'm very proud of you Luke :) I'm dying to sleep and almost was already asleep I sleep, tomorrow at 8 am dispatched..." 
Responded quickly. 
Message: "Okay Princess Sleep well Love you.." 
Answered fast. 
Message: "Love you too Sleep well too.." 
And I ended up falling asleep.



Ps : is kinda shity sorry ... :/

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