Lucky girl

Ellie was a normal 17 year old girl who was born in Portugal . She was an only daughter , her parents divorced when she was younger , she lives with her dad in a small house . And of course she was a fangirl , her idol was Ariana Grande and she also like the Janoskians , some faggots from youtube ( just kidding ) , and one day something happened ... if you want to know what happened just read !!


3. The call of love <3

 3. The call of love <3


I went to bed very happy. He was very friendly and fun, a bit contrary to my opinion about it. Before I met him , i thought he was one of those pervert boys who only care about the fame, but he did not seem to be like that , but i  realized that he is a little freak. I ended up falling asleep thinking about it. 

Next day I got up early, i had classes at 9am but i had agreed with Arthur that he would took me at 8:30am. I decided that I would not tell anyone, except to Arthur, that i had had spoken with Luke via Skype even if my friends have seen things on Twitter. I showered and got dressed.

Then I went to Arthur's house . 


- Good Morning. - Told him when he opened the door to me. 
- Good Morning. Today you are beautiful. 
- Yes, because I'm usually not. - Told him to play. 
- It's not that , today did you get you more. Something Special? 
- Well yeah, long story. You're gonna let me in? I'm hungry. 
- Yeah , come in . 


We went to the kitchen , we made ​​toast and we started eating.


- So now you can tell? - Asked me 
- Yes -., And began to tell him everything, that Luke had followed me on Twitter, that Luke had asked to add on Skype, we had done Web, he had asked me what number in principle and that we would be together. 

- Do not you think it strange. - He asked me when I just told him. 
- What? 
- Know a fan at the airport and soon wins these trusts? 
- I do not know , but he seems cool. 
- Be careful ... 
- Arthur no stresses. Not all guys are like you. - That came out unintentionally. 
- Is that what you think? - Said to me hurt. 
- No, just came out, sorry. - told him, going to run to give him a hug. - I love you. 

- Let's pretend you never said that. - Told me. 
- I agree ! 
And he left the house to take me to school. 
When I arrived I went with my girlfriends and walked to the door of the pavilion, there were still five minutes to play. 


- So Luke followed you. - Said Teresa. 
- Yes  -. Told her with a big smile. 
- Lucky - said Daniela. 
- Twetted  you and even sent DM.- told me Adriana. 
- Yeah . - Said. i didn't want want to tell them the scene of Skype , yet. 


The school bell rang and we went to class. During the rest of the morning , the classes were normal and bored. Then we went to lunch at 2.15pm and we had class again.

Was in class when I feel my phone ringing. Discreetly put the headphones on and whisper. 

- Hello? 
- Hello it's me , Luke. . 
- I'm in class call me in 45 minutes , ok ? - i asked. 
- OK.  Just to know , what is your school? 



I told him the name of the school, sent kisses and ended the call. 
After 45 minutes the class finished . outside I began to see a lot of people running to the gate. " Fight again , i bet " I thought, the strange thing is that they were more girls than boys .

I walked to the gate and saw a large circle of people. I could not understand what was happening. 
My phone rang. 
- Hello? 
- It's me , again. - i realized it was Luke's voice but it was a lot of noise around him. 
- Hello. I can not hear you . 
- Where are you? 
- In school. 
- I'm also in your school. 
- What? - Told him. 
- Yes , go to the gate, but right in front of the gate , so i can see you. Too many people around me. 
- Okay , bye. - And he hung up. 


Now I understood why there were so many people at the gate. I went there and I was waiting. After a few minutes I saw him out from the crowd with difficulty and the bodyguards moving people away from him. He came to me.


- Hello -. he told me and gave me two kisses. 
- Hello -. i said. - You came here just to be with me? 
- Yes. - Told me with this face:


"How cute." I thought. 


- I know this will sound strange, but while we are here we can not talk. The others are there in that car, you want to come with me there? - he said.
- But I still have classes. - i said .
- You can not miss? 

I hesitated. 

- yes , i can .


He took my hand and took me to the car safety , always moving people away from him. He was holding my hand in front of  everyone.

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