Lucky girl

Ellie was a normal 17 year old girl who was born in Portugal . She was an only daughter , her parents divorced when she was younger , she lives with her dad in a small house . And of course she was a fangirl , her idol was Ariana Grande and she also like the Janoskians , some faggots from youtube ( just kidding ) , and one day something happened ... if you want to know what happened just read !!


2. The big surprise .

2.  The big surprise



When I got home I went to twitter to put the pictures I had taken today and almost had a heart attack, "Luke Brooks and 134 other people have followed you," I just opened that profile to see if it was fake and it was the real Luke Brooks ! And  I noticed that he had followed me before I put the photos. I tweeted the following: 

  "Omg omg omg omg I'm so happy ! @lukebrooks  Followed me !" 


I was very happy , i was watching my interactions  , they're so many and more and more !  After a few minutes i saw Luke Brooks name again , i checked if it was a fake and it wasn't . Suddenly my user said " Check your Dm's please " , i went to see them , they were so many , i searched for Luke's DM's . In his DM's he asked me to add him on Skipe . I was super disbelief, this could not be happening to me. I was not a big fan and i was add him as a friend on Skype. He quickly accepted, I did not want to put conversation, then went back to paying attention to Twitter. After a few seconds I hear the warning that Skype makes when someone wants to talk to us. I went to see who it was and was Luke. We started talking :


Luke: Hello :) 
Me: Hello :)
Luke: Today you were there at the airport to receive us, thanks. 
Me: Oh your welcome . I am your fan and so I decided to go. 
Luke: You did well. When you took the photo I noticed  your twitter in your bag and decided to follow. 

Me: Thank you * - * 
Luke: You're welcome , you're beautiful   ahah. 
Me: What can :o 
Luke: I was just kidding  but is my my opinion :c 
Me: Me too ahaha thanks again :) 
Luke: You're welcome :) 
Me: You'll be Portugal for how much longer? 
Luke: Two or three days, it's the last place on tour so we're gonna stay a little bit more. 
Me: Oh OK :) 
Luke: You have not told me what's your name :o  the name on your Twitter is IdiotGirl. You do not seem to be an idiot :o
Me: My name is Ellie and I am , believe me .


We continued to talk for some time, it was quite fun. After some time we linked website, even though I was in my pajama he insisted. When he called , he was only in boxers. We continued talking and joking. How i had classes the next day , i had to go to bed early. 


- Well Luke i will go to sleep, tomorrow I have classes. - Told him. 
- Already? - He said with a sad face. 
- Yes it has to be ... 
- I want to meet you tomorrow . 
- Really? - .told him, amazed-  I thought tomorrow you did not even know who I was. 
- Not at all. Give me your phone number and I'll get way to call you. 
- Ok -. Told him the number. - Well now I really have to go. - And sent him a kiss , and he send me another ...




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