Lucky girl

Ellie was a normal 17 year old girl who was born in Portugal . She was an only daughter , her parents divorced when she was younger , she lives with her dad in a small house . And of course she was a fangirl , her idol was Ariana Grande and she also like the Janoskians , some faggots from youtube ( just kidding ) , and one day something happened ... if you want to know what happened just read !!


5. The beginning of a love story <3

5. The beginning of a love story <3


- A friend of Luke loves you. Can you tell her hello? I think she was going to freak out  - Jai said.

I was still with no reaction.  

I grabbed the phone still shaking.

- H .. Hi - told her stammering.

The boys began to laugh. 

- Hello -. Said that friendly voice that I recognized from the videos. 
- Omg ... is really you. 
- Yes ... - told me laughing. - But you need not be like that , I am a normal person like you. 
- You are perfect! You are my idol. - Said  still incredulous. 
- Aww thank you. - Told me. - Tell me your twitter and I follow you there, let's talking ... 
- Omg seriously ?! - Told her my twitter. - Well now I will pass the phone to Jai he's a little impatient. Thank you again. I love you. 
- OK. Goodbye then. And I love you too. - Told me. 

I passed the phone still wonder. I gave a hug to Luke. 

- Thank you. - Told him laughing. 
- You're welcome .You smile, I smile. - Told me.

- anww so cute . - Told him laughing . And giving him a kiss on the cheek. 

Finally we reached the beach. We extend the towels and the boys were running to the water. I lay down on the towel and got to catch a bit of sun. Heard my phone ringing. 

- Why did not you come to class? - Daniela asked. 
- I went out with some friends ... - I told him. 
- You mean the Janoskians . - Told me laughing. 
- How do you know? 
- Everyone saw you into the car with Luke and everyone saw him waiting for you . We didn't saw it but some people told us .
-I'll tell you everything . - Told to Daniela. - I have to go. Kisses. 
- Kisses. And have fun.


It was so hot , i decided to go to the water but i did not want to leave the things there without anyone so I waited for them to come. After a few minutes they finally came. 
- Now I'm going to water. - Told them. 
- I'll go with you. - Said Luke. 
- Let's go then. - And started running  because the sand was burning our feets 


When I got there I dive . When I came up i saw Luke diving too. Then also came up but returned to diving , a few seconds later I felt someone pull my foot and i fall. 

- Idiot. - Told him. 
- No i'm not . - he said laughing


We were playing in the water for a while but then I started to get cold. 

- Let's go to the towel. You're shaking. - Told me. 
- Ok but take me on piggyback or my feet are going to get dirty. - Told him. 
- Okay, okay. - Told me laughing. 

And there we went to the towel.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach. Given to know them better and realize that they are normal people who just like to have fun with friends.

- It's time to go home or my father still suspects that missed the class. - Told them. 
- Ok so let's go - Said Luke. 

We all went to the car. 

- When will you guys leave? - Asked them. 
- The day after tomorrow. - James said. 
- We already miss home. - Said Skip. 
- How long are you guys on tour? - Asked them. 
- 4 months. - Beau said. 
- And what about you, ? - Said looking at Luke. 
- I took photos with many, but you are the only i have talked to. 
- Really? - I asked astonished. 
-  Lukey walked all the time talking about the girl he had seen at the airport. - Jai said laughing

- Anww so cute .- Said giving him a kiss on the cheek. 

They left me at home. I showered, got dressed and then went to see my messages. 

Luke: Enjoyed our afternoon. Luke Brooks 
Me: I also enjoyed :) 
Luke: Tomorrow wanna go out? It's  weekend and  is the last day here . 
Me: Yes . What time? 
Luke: I'll pick you up at 13h and had lunch OK? 
Me: Ok . Where? 
Luke: I do not know, you'll have to give suggestions again. 
Me: Okay ... Thank you :) 
Luke: For what :o? 
Me: I dunno, all ... I talked to Ariana and I spent a fantastic afternoon. 
Luke: Talk with Ari was easy and also loved the afternoon ... I'll miss you when you leave ... 
Me: Me too ... Probably you'll never came here again and you'll forget me ... 
Luke: Never! And we come here if only to see you ... at least I come. 
Me: I believe you ... I also go to Australia in summer, was already planned ... 

Luke: Cool :) 
Me: Well, Lukey  i have to go to sleep I'm exhausted. See you tomorrow. 
Luke: See you tomorrow. Sweet dreams . 
Me: You too. 

I lay down and fell asleep, I was just exhausted.

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