Lucky girl

Ellie was a normal 17 year old girl who was born in Portugal . She was an only daughter , her parents divorced when she was younger , she lives with her dad in a small house . And of course she was a fangirl , her idol was Ariana Grande and she also like the Janoskians , some faggots from youtube ( just kidding ) , and one day something happened ... if you want to know what happened just read !!


4. I don't know what to call this ....

4.  I don't know what to call this ....


We went to the car and when I got there they were others. I looked at each of them: James, Beau, Jai and Daniel or Skip as you prefer. 


- Hello -. Told them shy. 
- Hello -.  they said. 
- Luke wanted so much to be with you, which even made a tantrum for us to come. - Jai said. And I blushed. 
- Shut up. - Said Luke . 
- It's true. - All said laughing. except Luke. 

I do not know what to say. 

- Stop , she is getting embarrassed... - Said Luke. - When i catch your phone  , i will call to Ariana, Jai ! 

I loved Ariana, she was my idol.


- I love Ariana. I'm Arianator. - Told them shy. 
- Luke your friend has climbed in my consideration. - Jai said laughing. - We are all a little stupid , stay at ease. 
- Thank you. - Told him now a little more at ease. 
- I'll tell her that Luke's girlfriend is arianator. - Jai said laughing. 
- We're not dating . - Told him in Portuguese. Obviously they did not realize. I repeated this time in English. - We're not dating. 
- Your language is funny. - Luke said looking at me. 
- Awww Lukey - said James enjoying. 
- Stop . Shortly Luke still throws the iPhone to the ground. - Beau said. - Again. 
- Yeah. Our boy has a temper. - Daniel said laughing. 
- Where do you want to go ? - Luke said trying to change the subject. 
- ,We know this, as much as you do, stupid . - Jai said. 
- Suggestions? - Luke said looking at me. 
- i don't know, we have the beach, malls and monuments. 
- Let's go to the beach. - Beau said. 
- Yes , since we started the tour that we don't go. - Daniel said. 
- You come with us obvious. - Luke told me. 
- So I have to go home first ... - told them. 
- We also have to go to the hotel, nobody has anything here. - James said. 
- You can leave me at home? 
- Obvious. - Said Luke. 

I gave her directions and went. We agreed that they would get me past half hour. 
So I dressed.


Right last half hour, Luke called me.

- Come down, we are here at the door. - Told me. 
- Ok -. Told him , walking down stairs. 

Got in the car.

- Hello again. - Said Luke with two kisses. 
Beside him was James and the front seat was Jai and Daniel was driving. 
- Do i have to say the way ? - I asked. 
- No, the GPS do that. - Daniel said. 

Jai was talking on the phone. I realized that the conversation was with Ariana. 
- Omg ... He ... is ... speaking ... with ... Ari ? - Asked Luke stuttering. 
-Yes. - Said laughing. - You really like her. 
- Yes I really like. 
- Jai asks if  Ariana wants to talk with a Arianator ? 

 I frozed with what he said.

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