New movella


1. Prologue.

It's an amazing feeling, being pregnant. When I feel my baby kicking inside of me, it makes me smile, a smile made of pure happiness.

My husband and I have been trying for three years to get pregnant, I didn't think I'd ever conceive.. But when my doctor told me that I was three months pregnant, I couldn't believe it, I was so happy.

I'm still happy. I'm six months pregnant with a healthy baby girl and I am so excited.

My husband, Justin and I had realized that we needed a bigger house, because our one bedroom home wasn't big enough anymore.

We moved into a beautiful, three bedroom, two story home. We loved it.

A month later, strange things started to happen and at first, we would shrug it off as our imaginations.

But now it seems to be getting worse.


Really shitty prologue but the story itself will be better.

I am new to this app, but I write and post stories on other story sites like and

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