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  • Published: 13 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 29 Sep 2014
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Katie Green is a young girl, suffering from a depression, her mother signed her up for a talking group and she has to go, when she goes there every friday, see meets 5 boys who are trying to help her..
Will they? Or will she ignore their good hearts?


8. the morning after, im sorry.

The next morning i woke up alone in my bed, 'Wait, where is jai?' i thought out loud, i quickly grabbed clean underwear and a black croptop and some white skinnyjeans and clothed myself, and ran downstairs, 'oh for fucksakes' i screamed angry after seeing noone in the house, 

All my depressing thought came running back, and i ran upstairs again to find my pills, 'where are they!!!!' i screamed in frustration, 'fuck fuck fuck' i cried out loud 'WHERE DID I PUT THEM' I screamed out, and ran into the bathroom, shit, i really couldnt find them, so i got all of my clothing off and got into the shower, turned on the water and tried to calm down, i sat down and started crying, the only thing i could think of was how used i felt and got my blade from the drawer and started cutting my wrist, it felt so good, i felt so relieved, but then the blood didnt stop flowing, and the wwater turned red, and then everything went black.


- Jai's POV - 

My mom called me home because she wassnt feeling well, so i went without leaving a note for katie, 'mom, im gonna go to katie now, to check if shes okay, shes probably freaking out' i said and ran out of the door, i didnt stop running untill i was at katies house, i opend the door 'Katieee!??!?!?' i shouted trought the house, i walked upstairs, the shower was running, i knocked on the door 'Katie? babe?' i shouted trought the door, no awnser, i grabbed my phone out of my jeans and called beau 'Dude, come here as quickly as you can with a car of an ambulance, i think somethings wrong' i said quickly and threw my phone on the floor and kicked in the door, finding a bleeding Katie 'Fuck fuck nooo' i cried out loud and grabbed a towel and turned of the shower, i picked up katie and threw the towel over her, 'pleeaseee stay with me'i cried and i heard beau 'JAI?' he shouted 'Call 991 beau!!!' i shouted at hiim and walked of of the stairs beau was already calling 'i need an ambulance right now, there is something happening, my brothers girlfriend tried to kill herself' ' yea please hurry!!!!' he said and mentioned me to come outside, where we heared the ambulance sirines pulling up, the ambulance people came out and took her out of my arms, and layed her inside of the ambulance 'Who's the boyfriend' one of them asked 'I am' i said and they mentioned me to get into the back to stay with her 'Ill call the boys and mom, mom will call her parents and we will be there in the hospital soon' Beau said and got into his car, i sat down next to my beautifull girl, the doctor was busy checking her, and trying to stop her from bleeding her to death, 'You need to hurry up' he shouted to the driver and the driver got the sirenes running and in a few minutes the doors opend and Katie was rushed inside, 'I'm sorry sir, you have to stay here' the nurse said 'but that's my girlfriend' i cried, and the nurse looked at me sad 'the best thing you can do right now is sit down, and let the doctors do their work sweet heart, you want her to survive this, then give them space and time, ill check up on them from time to time and tell you how shes doing okay?' she said and i nodded 'Thank you' i said and i sat down in the waiting room.


I was sitting there for 20 minutes and then Luke came running to me 'Jai!' he said and i stood up, he hugged me, and i cried for a few minutes, then i felt the rest of the boys hugging us, and i stepped back, i saw my mom looking at me 'oh sweety' she said and hugged me, 'this is all my fault' i cried into her arms, and she hugged me tigher 'No it's not sweety, it's the demons in her head, you have to fight them with her, i bet she will win that war then' my mom wisperd into my ear, 

'Excuse me' the nurse tapped my shoulder and i turned to her 'She's still sleeping, she lost alot of blood but she'll be fine, You can go in, her parents will be here soon too' she said and i walked to Katies room and sat down on the chair that was next to her bed, and held her hand, and just watched her sleeping, i knew i was going to cry so i looked away 'Im so sorry baby' i wisperd softly and her eyes opend 'mom?' she said 'no it's Jai' i awnserd and she looked at me 'Im sorry i left this morning, my mom called and told me she wasn't feeling well, so i just rushed over to her to help her out, im sorry katie, i shouldve left a note' i explained 'It's okay, all the crazy thoughts flashed trought my mind, and i couldnt find my pills i just' she started to cry, so i stood up and sat down on the bed 'Baby. You are not crazy, you are amazing, how many times do i have to tell you that? I very wise woman told me something a few minutes ago ; It's the demons in her head, You have to fight them with her, I bet she will win that war then, Let's fight together Katie, don't give up' i said too her and i touched her face and wiped away a few tears, 'I love you Jai' she said and fell asleep again. 

After waiting for a while her mother walked into the room and walked up to me 'How is she?' Katie's mom asked, and i looked at my hand 'She lost alot of blood but she'll be okay' i told her, and she nodded 'I'm so sorry that you had to go trought that Jai, i understand if you want to get the hell out of here' Katies mom said and i looked at her 'Im not leaving, i love her' i said and she smiled 'You really care, wauw' she said with tears in her eyes, and i saw the boys standing in the door post 'We all do' Daniel said, 'She's one of our best friends' Luke said 'She's my  sister in law!' Beau said 'We love her like a sister' James added up, and then my mom spoke up 'And i love her like a daughter i never had, she completes Jai, so she completes my famaly' My mom said and i saw that Katie was awake and crying 'And i love your daughter with all of my heart, and i'm not going anywhere, i need her, i need her more then she needs mem without her it's hard to breathe' I said and Katies mom started crying 'All of you are such good people' she said and hugged my mom, the boys walked into the room and gave Katie a big hug, i sat down on the bed and kissed her lips 'You are my world babe' i said and she smiled wide.

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