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  • Published: 13 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 29 Sep 2014
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Katie Green is a young girl, suffering from a depression, her mother signed her up for a talking group and she has to go, when she goes there every friday, see meets 5 boys who are trying to help her..
Will they? Or will she ignore their good hearts?


6. Skip, daniel? WHO?

we woke up around 9 am the next morning, i told jai i was going to take a quick shower, and he said he was gonna go home to do the exact same thing, he kissed my cheek and left, i laid down my outfit a grey skirt, with a black croptop, and my leather jacked, with my black vans, i showerd quickly and dried my hair, and did the rest of my morning routine, and put on my clothing, i ran downstairs to check if my parents were home, but there was only a note that said ; Hope you have a lovely day honey, be carefull, and call from time to time please? love, mom and dad. yea, that was mom writing that down, my dad would be like ; dont try to kill yourself katie, or i swear to god!!! I mean, yeah my dads a nice person, but when it comes to me he can be a massive c..nt, i checked my phone and show a text, 'hey babe, i'll be there in 10 x iloveyou' it's obviously Jai, i laid down my phone on the table and disided to put some of my dad's beats on (My dad makes beats, for fun yeah,,)  i liked the beat and started to sing some lyrics that formed in my mind;  


Baby you the best 'cause you worked me out
I keep building walls up but you tear 'em down
I'm fighting I don't wanna like it but you know I like it
But you know I like it like it like it
Used to always think I was bullet proof
But you got an AK and you're blowing through
Explosive, you don't even know it, I want you to know it
I want you to know it know it know it
All of them other boys can walk away
They ain't even in the game
'Cause they know that you own it
You got this swag you got this attitude
Wanna hear you say my name
'Cause you got me
Flying with your love, shining with your love, riding with your love
I feel like I'm on top of the world with your love
One hit with your love can't quit with your love so sick but so what
I feel like I'm on top of the world with your love

(Cher Lloyd - Your love) 


I stopped singing because i saw Jai standing there in the door opening, smiling like an idiot, 

'You never told me you could sing!' He said smiling, i blushed, 'that's because i can't' i said closing the laptop 'well, i think you have a beautifull voice babe, i love it, who was the song about?' he asked, already regretting the question 'You, duhh' i said and smiled at him, he smiled back 'cutie, Wanna go meet Daniel?' he asked, and i looked strangely at him 'What about skip?' i asked him, he laughed 'You'll see babe' he said and took my hand, i saw that my mom layed down some money for me so i took it with me and grabbed my phone and my sigarets and inmeadetly lit one 'Will luke, beau and James be there too?' i asked jai 'There is no chance that they won't be there' he said smiling and we walked futher, it wasnt a very long walk, it was actually two streets away from me, i was suprised 'DANIEL, YOU CUNT WAKE THE FUCK UP' we saw James and beau screaming outside of the door, Luke walked up to us and smiled 'Jai, Katie, heyyyy' he said waving i waved back 'whats going on' jai asked luke and mentioned to the house 'Daniel is taking so looong waking up, weve been here for an hour' luke awnserd and jai role his eyes 'Fucking hell, let me' he said and walked to a window, he opend it and climbed inside after a few minutes we heared screams and then Jai opend the door 'He's awake cunts, and baby' he said smiling at me, beau looked at me, 'wait, you two are, like,, Jatie now?' Jai walked up to me and nodded to beau, 'Good catch bro, she's a beauty' Luke said and James gave jai applause, Jai just rolled his eyes 'I know right, Daniel is getting dressed right now, he said we could get in' Jai said and the boys disapeared into the house 'So' Jai said, 'Jatie huh, kinda cute' he added and smiled, i nodded and smiled back ' Love you baby' he said and i kissed his lips 'i love you too' i said and then a boy with brown hair came outside, 'Hey cunt' jai said 'hey asswipe, hello beautifull' he said and smiled, i smiled back at him 'hi' i said a little unsure of what i should awnser 'I'm daniel, aka skip, call me Skip, or Daniel, what ever you like' he said and jai burst out in laughter, i looked at jai 'Fuck you had me confused you ass, im katie, nice to meet ya Daniel aka Skip' i said and smiled at him, we then walked inside of the house, we sat down on the couch and luke started talking 'What are we going to do today?' he asked 'play games' james said, 'NOOOOO'  Beau awnserd 'Well, there is a fair today, maybe we could go there?' I said and James looked up 'Good idea, maybe we could prank some people' James said with a smirk on his face, Jai nodded in agreement 'Alright, let's go then' Jai said, and the boys didnt get up, Jai stood up and mentioned me to come with him 'We're gonna go already, call me when you guys are nearly there okay?' Jai said and beau gave him a thumbs up 'Let's go to the fair babe' he said and took my hand. 

We walkled for 30 minutes and then we arrived at the fair, it was massive, 'want some cotton candy?' Jai asked me and i nodded, he buyed a huge ass one and we shared it 'Is pranking people you guyses hobby?' i asked jai and he smiled 'Yea kinda, we like to make people smile, that's the main reason, we have a youtube channel, We're called The Janoskians' he said and i smiled 'Do you guys have alot of views?' i asked curious and he nodded, 'Ill show you when we're near a computer, maybe you'll like it' he said smiling, 'i bet ya 10 dollars that i'll love it' i said and he smiled 'deal' he said and then his phone started ringing he quickly awnserd it 'See ya in ten then' he simply said and hung up his phone 'The boys are on their way, this is gonna be fun' he said and smiled, we walked to a rollercoaster and we waited there for a little while, Beau came running up to us and the rest of the boys followed him 'HEY CUNTS' beau screamed and we laughed, we went onto the rollercoaster and we all screamed the intire time...

That afternoon was the best time i had in a long time, I finaly felt everything falling into it's place again, Jai brought me home and kissed me goodnight, his mom really wanted him to sleep home tonight  witch i understood ofcourse, because she's still his mom, I walked into the house, it was still empty, 'hmm, weird' i said and checked the home phone, 2 messeges, i played them 'Hey Katie, it's mom, you havent called or texed the intire day, and didnt pick up your phone, i hope you are okay, Dad and i are going out for dinner and going to visit your aunt Judith in Sydney today, Please call us to say you're okay, see ya tomorrow, love ya!' my mom's voice sang song throught the empty house, i disided to call Jai 'Hey babe, already missing your favorite person?' his sweet voice said at the other side of the line 'Heyyyy, yea kinda, i'm home alone untill tomorrow, my parents are in Sydney' I awnserd, 'Hold on a moment babe' he said and i remained compleet silence 'I'll be there in ten baby, love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu' he said and hung up 'Wait what?' i laughed. 

Icalled back  my mom 'heyyy moooooooom' i said when she awnserd the phone 'Thank the gods, shes alive, hey honey' she said and i laughed 'Sorry was at the fair and didnt hear my phone, Oh and i have a boyfriend' i said and she laughed 'Ohhh how was it? Jai?! You two look good together, Hope he's good for you baby' she awnserd and i smiled 'yeea it was, and yeah he is, and i gotta go i need fooooooooood, im gonna order pizza, love you moommmyyy, say hi to aunty judith and dad from me' i said and she laughed 'love ya too and i will, be saaave' she said and i hung up the phone, and called a pizza dilivery service and orderd my pizza, 'Hello babyyyy' the door swung open and jai stood there with a bag, 'anyone home alone tonight?' he asked and i laughed 'Gosh your cute' i said and hugged him tight, we sat down on the couch and i turned on the tv,


- this is going to be an amazing sleepover party' 

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