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  • Published: 13 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 29 Sep 2014
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Katie Green is a young girl, suffering from a depression, her mother signed her up for a talking group and she has to go, when she goes there every friday, see meets 5 boys who are trying to help her..
Will they? Or will she ignore their good hearts?


1. Pills, Therapy, and friends...

I walked home from school, opend the door to my house where my mum was waiting for my as usual, since that day that i tried to commit suicide she's been home, watching me, she's like a stalker, it's annoying as fuck..

'hey sweetie, how was you day' she asked when i stepped inside of the house, 'boring, and yours?' i asked not caring at all about what she had to say 'quitely actually, you're dad came by and brought you're new medication' she said with a soft smile, 'okay, nice' i said emotionless, she sighed, dont get me wrong, i really dont want to be like this, but this is me, a 18 year old girl, with a major depression, who has tried (several times) to commit suicide, but it never actually worked, obviously, cause i'm still here, still hating myself, 'sorry mom' i said quietly 'it's okay, take your medication and take a shower, you need to leave in an hour for group therapy' she said handing me the pills 'Do i have to go??' i asked childish 'Yes katie, go on' she said pointing to the stairs, i rolled my eyes and walked up to my room, grabbed light skinny jeans, brown uggs and a white tanktop that just reached my bellybutton and layed them on my bed. I got out of my school uniform and jumped into the shower, washed my hair and then turned off the shower, dried my body and grabbed my new underwear and put on my new outfit, put on light make up, grabbed my brown leather jacked and pushed my hair up in a messy bun, and left for group therapy.

I knew i was near by the church where i needed to be, but stopped at a little play ground and sat down on a swing, and grabbed one of my sigarets and lighted it, 'smoking kills' somebody said from behind me, i turned around and saw two boys who look exactly like eachother, 'wow, twins, thats so cool' i said nicely they smiled 'I'm jai' the boy with the beanie said 'i'm luke, and it's true smoking kills' he said smiling 'I'm katie, and that's not true, i'm still living' i said standing up, 'anyways, i gotta go, need to go to therapy, later!' i said walking away 'wait up!!' jai shouted and they run after me 'group therapy in the church?' he asked me, i nodded 'we need to go too' he said smiling and we walked into the church together, we all sat down and Gavin walked in (the guy who runs the sessions andstuff hehehe) i wasnt really paying atention and then my name was mentiond 'whats up?' i asked 'tell us your story' gavin said, i sighed and stood up 'My name is Katie, i'm 18 years old, and i'm depressed' i said, and they all replied with 'hey katie' gosh this is lame 'i have tried to commit suicide several times, but it never really turned out to go as planned...' i said and looked down for a moment 'What happend to you?' Gavin asked me 'Ehm, alot' i said in reponse 'Open up to us Katie, we are here for you' Gavin said, and i got a little nervous 'Well, when i was about 15 i got raped, and since then everything went down hill, using drugs and alchole, never went to school, cutting, i have no friends, and i absolutely hate myself' i said and felt a little relieved, jai looked at me shocked, but then smiled a sweet smile, aw cutie 'We are here for you Katie' The group said, and i sat down. The group soon ended and we all went outside i took out a sigaret, and lid it 'Okay, smoking is better then drugs' Jai said standing next to me, i smiled at him 'That is true' i responded, he smiled and looked at me weirdly 'Why are you looking at me like that' i asked 'like what?' he smirked a little 'like that' i said and pointed at his face, he laughed 'You're pretty, i like looking at pretty things' he said blushing a little, i looked away and blushed too, 'Katie!' my mum stepped out of the car, and i waved at her, 'Sup mom' i asked her weirdly 'I didnt know you already left, you said nothing, you scared me katie' she said worried.... 'shit im sorry mom, i forgot, i thought you heard me leave, i just wanted to smoke a sigaret before going into the church' i said to her, 'it's okay sweety, you need a ride home, or are you gonna walk?' she asked me, 'Actually, i wanted to ask you if you want to hang out this afternoon' Jai said butting in, 'Eh we just met eachother, and i dont like people' i said, my mum spoke up 'That sounds like a great Idea Katie, go and make friends' she said I HATE HER i mentaly screamed, she walked to the car and got inside, Jai just smiled and waved at her, 'You're weird' i said, he nodded 'So are you' he said smiling, and then a lot of screaming and shouting took my atention 'JAIII!!!!' somebody screamed and ran up to him and jumped on him, hugging him tight, oh wauw didnt see this one comming 'for fuck sakes beau get the fuck of of me before i send my new friend katie after you to kill you' he screamed and i laughed, the boy called Beau got of of Jai and stood up, 'Hello beautifull' he said and i blushed and waved, jai shook his head 'oh no beau, she's 18, you're almost 21' Jai said, and beau just smiled, he's kinda handsome to be honest, beautifull green eyes, dayum. 'Katie and i are gonna hang out today, so laterr' Jai said and took my hand and started walking away 'Jai!! you can't ditch us you cunt, we need to do things, make a video, pick up skip and james you know?' Beau shouted at him, he facepalmed himself, i laughed hard 'Do ya thing boyy, i'll see you next week' i said and let go of his hand, and started walking away 'Hey katie, you can come if you want to' Jai said, i turned around, 'why the fuck not' i said and went with them to pick up two others, 'where is Luke by the way' i asked, Beau spoke up 'He's already at Skip's, Luke is a fast walker' he laughed, and we walked further..

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