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  • Published: 13 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 29 Sep 2014
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Katie Green is a young girl, suffering from a depression, her mother signed her up for a talking group and she has to go, when she goes there every friday, see meets 5 boys who are trying to help her..
Will they? Or will she ignore their good hearts?


10. Moving!

(a quick authors note ; this is a time skip of a week, sorry)


'MORRRRNING PEOPLEEEE' I screamed throughed the house, the house i grew up in and nearly died in, we were leaving today and i couldn't be more excited, Jai, Luke, Beau, Daniel, and James, would come over in 20 minutes to help us put everything in the move car that would go to the airport to fly everything out to LA. i quickly showerd and hopped into my clothing, my black high waist skinny jeans, with a grey croptop and my rockandroll hatt with some grey sneakers and put on my makeup, when i walked downstairs.


I saw my mom and Jai making coffee 'COFFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE' I screamed and Jai laughed, I ran up to him and kissed his lips 'Someone is very happy' my mom said laughing, 'Yeah, we are moving, to a diffrent country' i said, and my mom looked at jai 'Well' my mom said and my eyes widend 'You canceld?' i asked her and she shook her head 'Look, it's difficult, but..' my mom said and my dad walked in 'We arent comming with you for now' Dad said and i looked at them strange 'So, that means i'm moving out?' i asked shocked 'Yes and no, because the boys are moving in with you' my mom said smiling, 'OMYGOD THATS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!' I screamed jumping up and down Jai laughed and hugged me 'Let's get everything ready because our flight leaves in 6 hours baby' he said and my mom gave us a cup of coffee and we walked upstairs and started packing. We laughed and joked around for 10 minutes and then there was a knock on the door 'Fuck it's open' i said and james and beau walked in, 'hey cunts' Beau said with a massive smile 'Where are luke and daniel?' i asked them 'Flirting with your mom' James awnserd and i acted shocked and walked to the stairs 'DANIEL, LUKE GET UP HERE, RIGHT NOW' I screamed and luke ran up the stairs smiling 'Hey sis in laww' he said and hugged me, Daniel came running up and hugged me 'hiiiii' he said happy i laughed and we walked into my room.


time skip off a few hours sorry dont hate me - 

'AIRPORT OMYGOD' i said happy and we got out of the car and grabbed our bags, 'I'm gonna miss you so much honey ' my mom said 'I'm not dying!!' i said laughing and she smiled 'Please be carefull and take care of eachother?' my dad said and we nodded 'We will' we all said at the same moment, we all laughed  'Well kids, we are going home because we have to go to aunt Judith' my mom  said and we said goodbye and hugged, we waved them goodbye and went into the airport 'let's eat something and get coffee' Luke said and i nodded in agreement 'I need to smoke before we get on the plane but i got no sigrets, who can buy me some? im to young' i said and beau smiled 'give me 5 minutes' he said and gave me his bags and walked to a store, 5 minutes later he came out smiling with sigarets in his hands 'fuck your a hero' i said and he laughed 'i need to smoke, and then we can eat, or yall go and eat and ill smoke and ill eatt laterr' i said and jai looked at me 'no, ill go with you, beau order for us' jai asked beau and beau nodded, we told them what we wanted to have and they left to the restaurant.

 Jai and I walked outside and i inmeadetly lid a sigaret 'Have you ever been on a plane before?' he asked and i shook my head 'Nope, and im fucking scared' i said and he smiled 'I'll be there dont worry' he said and trew his arm around my shoulder, i finished my sigaret and we walked to the macdonalds and we ate quickly because we needed to board.

'We are in the plane right now, im freaking out' i said and sat down at my window chair, Jai sat down next to me, and next to him Daniel sat down, Luke, James and Beau sat down in the row infront of us, 'Don't worryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy katieeeeeeeee' beau sang and i laughed 'oh im deaf now thanks' i said and in notime the intire plane was full of people and we heard we were in the sky, Jai hugged me 'On our way to a better life' he said and kissed my cheek, i fell asleep on his shoulder. 


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