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  • Published: 13 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 29 Sep 2014
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Katie Green is a young girl, suffering from a depression, her mother signed her up for a talking group and she has to go, when she goes there every friday, see meets 5 boys who are trying to help her..
Will they? Or will she ignore their good hearts?


2. James, windows, and a kiss

We arrived at a pretty house and Beau knocked at the door, not waiting for an awnser Beau opend the door and walked inside, finding a tall and a little bit chubby but still cute boy standing there 'Oi oi Jamesssss' Jai shouted and hugged him tightly 'That's Katie, she's hanging out with us today' Jai said pointing to me, James waved 'Nice to meet you Katie' he said to me 'You to James' i said back and i walked after Jai to the couch and sat down 'do you guys want something to drink ?' James asked, we all shook our heads 'No, you need to hurry the fuck up you cunt we have to go and get luke and skip' Beau said, and james laughed, and walked in what i think is his room, after a few minutes he walked out again 'Skip just called, he had to go to the dentist, and to be honest, i dont wanna go outside, i'm fucking tired, and luke went home to eat' he said, 'I'm gonna go home to, Jai wanna walk together or do you wanna hang out some more with Katie?' beau asked Jai, i really didn't want to go home, i really wanted to hang out some more with Jai, because he's adorable 'I'm gonna hang out with katie some more, tell mum okay?' he said standing up and mentioned me to go with him, i waved James and Beau goodbye, 'See ya soon' they said together and we walked out of the door, i grabbed my sigarets and lid one, Jai smiled at me, gosh he is cute 'I know a cool spot where we can hang out for a while' he said and took my hand, we walked for a while and stopped at a little river with beautifull flowers around it, 'this is really pretty to be honest' i said, he smiled 'I know' he said and sat down in the grass i sat down next to him, 'Tell me about your self Katie' he said sweetly, i thought for a second 'I love music, writing, food, sleeping, and drawing, what about you jai?' i asked him and he looked at me breefly 'same things actually, and making people smile' he said smiling, i smiled back at him, it was a honest smile, i havent smiled in ages, well fake smiles don't count, i Always pretend to be happy to make other people happy, like my mom, i dont want to see her upset, because that hurts me even more, and it hurts me way more knowing she's hurt because of me, enough thinking lets focus katie 'Here is the thing Jai, i dont trust people, that's why i hate them, i've been hurt alot, and i dont want to be hurt again, So don't get to close, i dont want you to see my demons, Youre a wonderfull person with a great personalaty, i dont want to ruin you' i said and he looked at me, 'You wont ruin me, I'll help you get stronger' he said with a soft smile 'I want to help you Katie' he said looking straight at me, 'You might be broken, but anything that's broken, can be fixed babe' he said and i started crying, i just met this boy and he wants to help me, 'You don't even know me' i said between sobs 'But i do, You're name is Katie, you are 18, and you love food, sleeping, music, drawing and writing, You have a beautifull smile, and you are depressed' he said comming closer to me, he wrapped his arm around me 'That's all i need to know Katie' he wisperd into my ear and i layed my head on his shoulder, we stayed like that for a while and then my Phone started ringing, i looked at my screen, 'it's my mom' i said and awnserd it 'Hey mom, yea im still alive... im with Jai, yea ill be there in 30 minutes, k bye, love you to' i put my Phone back into my pocket 'i have to go home, dinners ready' i said softly, he stood up and offerd me his hand i took it 'thanks' i said and we started walking, he held my hand all the time, 'Give me your number so that i can call you' he said when we reached my house 'Give me your Phone, and i'll give you mine' i said and he gave me his, i typped in my name and my number and gave it back to him, he gave me back my Phone, 'I'll call you' he said and opend his arms for a hug, i gave him a hug and waved goodbye 'see ya!' i said and he turned around smiling 'Yea you will' and i laughed, i opend up the door and walked to the living room finding my mom and my dad sitting there 'erhm, hi' i said awkwardly 'Hi sweety, good news, you're dad and i are getting back together' my mom said happy, i smiled, 'thats awesome, i'm glad to hear that' i said sitting down at the dining table, 'How was your date?' my dad asked me, i looked at him weird 'it wasn't a date' i said back and ate my food in complete silence, thank god it's Friday, so i have weekend 'Can i go to my room?' i asked and they nodded 'DONT FORGET TO TAKE YOUR PILLS!!' my dad screamed after me,

i opend up my door and opend my laptop and played some music, 'where would i beeeeheeheheeee, if you didnt belieeeeeeeeeeeveee yeaahh' i sang and my Phone started ringing, i looked at my screen and saw Jai's name with like a Thousand hearts apear, i smiled and awnserd 'hey, supp?' i asked, 'hello beautifull, like what i've done to my name in your Phone?' he asked me sweetly 'Yea about that, you'r weird you know!' i awnserd and he laughed ''ive been told before, i'm bored katie, what are you doing right now?' he asked me 'im laying on my bed and talking to you why?' i asked him curious 'I'm outside, open the window so i can climb in' he said, 'Are you fucking kidding me?' i asked him 'nope, open uuuuhuup' he said and then the call ended, i walked to my window and opend it, and he was indeed Climbing up to get trought it, omygosh 'You are insane' i laughed and looked at my outfit, (a white skinny jeans with a black crop top and black ugg's) 'that was a lot of work, remind me to meet your parents so i wont have to sneak in' he said and wrapped his arms around me, 'Hey beautifull' he said softly in my ear, i felt a siver run down my spine and giggeld 'hey' i awnserd because im not used to getting complements, im a awkward human being, i know 'How was dinner?' he asked me and sat down on my bed 'Tasty' i awnserd sitting down next to him, he smiled, 'What about your's?' i asked him 'i ate in and out' he awnserd 'so really good' he said smiling, i laughed and nodded 'Let me see your playlist, hmm justin bieber, katy Perry, nirvana, you have a good music taste, OH YOU LIKE FALL OUT BOY' he said totaly exsited 'Yep, i do, now get your nouse out of my play list, it's private mister' i said and closed my laptop, he smiled 'Sorry misses' he said and i nodded, 'KATIE, DID YOU TAKE YOUR MEDICATION?' my dad shouted from downstairs 'IM TAKING THEM RIGHT NOW, JEEES GET OF MY BALLS' i screamed back and stood up to get my pills, i got my watter botle and took my depression medication, next were my sleeping pills but i am not taking them right now because jai is in the room hehe 'So.. Are you going to sleep or..?' he asked me, and i sat down again, 'I dont know, maybe we could watch a movie?' i said and he nodded 'sounds like a good plan' he said and i opend my laptop again, 'Youll pick!' i said and took of my ugg's he picked out  step brothers 'my favorite' he said and we layed down on my pillows, he wrapped his arm around me and we watched the intire movie 'I love that movie' i said and he clicked on a diffrent movie 'the last song' and we watched it Miley plays this rebel child and then she finds out her dad has cancer and she takes care of him, so sweet 'omygosh this movie is so beautifull' i said tearing up he looked at me 'i agree' he said softly and wiped away my tears, 'im turning it off, i dont want you to cry' he said and clicked the movie away, he closed the laptop and wrapped his arms around me, 'Go to sleep Katie' he wisperd into my ear and i felt him kiss my cheeck, i fell asleep right after that..

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