#JanoskiansFanfic thats what i like about you.

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  • Published: 13 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 29 Sep 2014
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Katie Green is a young girl, suffering from a depression, her mother signed her up for a talking group and she has to go, when she goes there every friday, see meets 5 boys who are trying to help her..
Will they? Or will she ignore their good hearts?


9. home, bad or good news?

Katie's pov - 

I had to stay in the hospital for a intire week, and it was super boring, my mom and dad visited me everyday and Jai came everyday but didn't stay long because he had meetings with people, i was curious about what, but hey yoloo

It was the day that i could leave the hospital and i took a quick shower and got dressed in some black skinny jeans and a huge white tank top, with white nikes, and tied my hair in a pony tale, put on some mascara, and walked out of the bath room seeing Jai 'Hey beautifull' he said and i hugged him, 'hey baby' i said and gave him a kiss 'I missed you' he said, and i smiled 'I missed you too' i awnserd and he gave me a kiss, my mom walked in 'Ready to go Katie?' she asked and i nodded, 'Yeppp' i said picking up my bag and left my hospital room,and jai took my hand, 'Together forever?' he wisperd into my ear 'I promise' i said and he smiled 'I promise' he said  

We walked out of the hospital where a shit load of girls were with signs saying 'stay strong katie' and 'fight the demons, you are worth it'  the girls started screaming and singing 'Be alright' by Justin bieber, the boys walked up from behind and started singing with the girls 'oh my god' i said and started crying, not sad tears, but loved tears, i felt loved in that moment, it felt as if i had a shitload of friends who where there to help me get trought a rough time 'We love you katie!!!' they screamed and jai hugged me 'How do all these people know me' i asked jai and he smiled guilty 'I told you about the janoskians right? Well these are our Janoskianators, and they are here for you' he said hard and the janoskianators started cheering and screaming, 'You guys made it?' i asked in disbelieve and jai nodded 'Yeah we did, thanks to them' he said pointing to the shitload of girls screaming, 'oh my god guys' i screamed and hugged all of the boys 'Congrats!!!' i said and i gave jai a kiss on his lips, he smiled 'Thanks baby' he said, and then my mom her car pulled up, she mentioned me to get in the car and the boys went to the girls 'im gonna go home, if you want to stay here i totaly understand' i said and smiled, he shook his head 'no im comming with you' he said and smiled, we got into the car and drove to my house.


'Enjoy this house while we still live here' my father said opening the door, i looked at him weird 'What's that supposed to mean?' i asked him and he shook his head 'We are moving Katie' he said and my mouth fell open 'To where?!' i asked angry 'America' my mom awnserd 'im not comming, im staying here' i said angry Jai just stood there, i saw the pain in his eyes 'YOU CANT DO THIS, NOT NOW, I FINALY FIND SOMEONE WHO MAKES ME HAPPY AND THEN WE HAVE TO LEAVE?!' I screamed at my parents and my mom opend her mouth 'NO SHUT UP, IM NOT MOVING. GO WITHOUT ME, IM NOT COMMING' I said and ran up to my room, and slammed the door shut 'i fucking hate them' i said bursting out in tears, i layed down on my bed and heard the door open slightly 'baby' he said and sat down on my bed 'You are moving to LA, you know, i have to tell you something' he said stroking my hair 'Im moving to LA too' he said and i sat up 'are you for real?' i asked him between sobs 'Yes i am, we are moving down to the same city and in the same street' he said and smiled 'Down worry, i'm not leaving you' he said wiping away my tears, he layed down on my bed and i snuggeld up to him, and fell asleep.

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