#JanoskiansFanfic thats what i like about you.

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  • Published: 13 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 29 Sep 2014
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Katie Green is a young girl, suffering from a depression, her mother signed her up for a talking group and she has to go, when she goes there every friday, see meets 5 boys who are trying to help her..
Will they? Or will she ignore their good hearts?


4. Flowers, dinner, meeting the parents

'I like you too Jai' i said softly, blushing, he kissed my head, he walked to the flowers, and grabbed a few and gave them to me, i smiled 'Idiot'' i said to him and he reacted shocked 'a cute one tho' i added up to it, and he smiled and offerd me his hand, i took it ofcourse and we walked to a cute restaurant, ofcourse it was a italian restaurant i looove pizza 'PIZZAA' i said and he laughed, 'I'm paying tho' i said and he looked at me, 'no you are not' he said, 'Jai? do you want to go on a date with me?' i asked him, and he nodded, 'then im paying' he shook his head and we went inside, we orderd pizza and sat down, he looked at me 'My mom likes you' he said and smiled, 'Well, that's a good thing, because i like your mom, shes awesome' i awnserd him, and felt my Phone vibrating, so i checked it, 'Hey K, were home, i guess you are out with Jai?' my mom texted me, doh.. i awnserd back 'hey momzie, yea, were having pizza, we'll come back to the house later, maybe you can meet him propper?' i pressed send and layed my Phone back on the table because our pizza's arrived,

'daaaamn baby, looking gooood' i said to my pizza, and jai spoke up 'i know' 'i wassn't even talking to you' i awnserd quickly, and took a bite out of my pizza, and closed my eyes because it was super good 'damn' jai and i both said, and we laughed, we ate the intire pizza and then orderd dessert, we both had a vanilla chocolade fantasy, and it was dilicious, 'Shall we go?' i asked jai, and he nodded, i layed down some money for the food and walked outside, 'You might want to walk a little faster jai, i think they'll come after us' i said picking up speed, 'What did you do?' he asked me shocked and i showed him my 50$ bill 'You didnt pay?!' he laughed out, 'i payed 5 dollars Jai' and we walked faster. Once the restaurant was out of view, we walked slower and he took my hand, and we walked hand in hand to my house.

We stepped into the living room, finding my mom and dad making out 'IEWWWWW MOM DAAAAD!!'  I screamed and my dad got of of my mom, and my mom hid her face behind her hands, Jai and i started to laugh our asses of 'omygod'  i said and pointed at them 'you two where totaly going to do it!!!!' and we laughed again, my mom looked at me and smiled 'i'm happy you are finding this so funny Katie' she said and smiled at Jai, and they shook hands 'Nice to meet you miss' he said politely, and then my dad walked to him and shook his head 'Jai Brooks, son of Gina' he said smiling 'Yes sir, nice to meet you, thank you for giving my mom a job' Jai said smiling, and my dad nodded, Jai looked at me and kissed my cheek, 'Your mom works for my dad?' i asked and he nodded 'That's cool' i said and i told my mom we were going to go upstairs because i needed to take my medication.

Once we were in my room,  i took the pills out of the bottle and grabbed my water 'Do you really need them?' jai said taking my hand, 'I mean, can't you try one day without them?' she asked me, and i looked at him 'I can try, but im scared my suïcide thoughts will come back' i said seriously, and he nodded, 'i told you wanted to help you, please try?' he asked me, well he begged i thought for a minute and smiled 'Only if you sleep over tonight' i said sweetly, he smiled instandly and nodded, i put the pills back in the bottle, and we walked to my mom and dad 'Mooooooooooooom? can jai sleep over????' i asked sweetly and smiled, my mom and dad looked at eachother and my dad shook his head, my mom looked at him weird and she nodded 'ofcourse, Jai you are more then welcome to stay over for the night' she said and smiled at him, we both smiled and walked back upstairs, 'close your eyes' he said and i closed my eyes, he picked me up bridalstyle and we walked into my room 'What was that for?' i asked him and he smiled 'Because i like to do nice things for you babe'  he said and kissed my lips.


Cause you are my everything....

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