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  • Published: 13 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 29 Sep 2014
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Katie Green is a young girl, suffering from a depression, her mother signed her up for a talking group and she has to go, when she goes there every friday, see meets 5 boys who are trying to help her..
Will they? Or will she ignore their good hearts?


3. Cuddels, and confessions.

I woke up screaming, Jai sat up next to me 'Whats wrong' he asked me shocked, i tried to talk, but i needed air, it happend again, he is chasing me in his nightmares, and this time, i knew it wouldn't get better, 'Nightmare, sorry' i said crying, he wrapped his arms around me and rocked me back and fort untill my sobs went softer, 'Dont apologize Katie, no need for that, do you want to talk about it?' he asked me, i shook my head 'no, im sorry' i said softly 'it's okay, do you want some watter?' he asked me sweetly, i nodded and i grabbed my watter bottle 'Here you go babe' he said and that calmed me down, my breathing went back to normal, but my heart was racing, he called me babe, omygod 'Thanks,' i said and drank the bottle empty 'Tell me about your family' he said, 'my mom and dad devorced 2 years ago and they got back together today, i have no contact with my dads mom, but i love my nona' i said giggeling, he smiled, 'How are you so cute?' he asked me blushing, i blushed 'im not cute' i said and he looked at me 'You may not see yourself the way i see you Katie, but i think you are absolutely beautifull' he said and put one finger under my chin to look into my eyes, he looked into them straight, his hand went to my cheek and he came a little closer, his eyes never left mine, and then his lips touched mine, my eyes closed and i kissed him back, i thought i heard fire works going of, bombs explode, but that was all inside me, i knew i liked him, and that's not good, shit.. the kiss didn't end and he licked my lip for intrence witch i stupedly gave him, he deepend the kiss and his other hand went to my side, and he pushed me on to the pillows, he got on top of me and his hand were touching my face again, my hands went to his hair and i played with his hair, his lips left mine, 'i'm sorry' he breathed, 'for what?' i giggeld, and he smiled,  'kissing you, and stuff' he said shaking his head, i laughed, and put my finger under his chin 'if i didnt want you to kiss me, i would've stopped you' i said to him, he blushed, and kissed my lips, 'Eventho we've just met, i really like you katie' he said looking into my eyes, i blushed 'i like you too' i said, and he smiled big, and layed down next to me, 'Let's cuddel' he said and wrapped his arms around me, i cuddeld up to his neck and we fell asleep again.


The next morning i woke up with sunlight burning on my face, and my mom screaming downstairs 'KATIE DAD AND I ARE LEAVING, WE LEFT MONEY IN THE KITCHEN, WE WILL BE HOME LATER TONIGHT, EAT, AND DOWN DO ANYTHING WRONG, HANG OUT WITH THAT JAI BOY TODAY, PLEASE?' I sighed 'Key mom, have fun' i said to her out of the window, and waved them goodbye, I looked over at Jai and he was still asleep, so i disided to go for a shower, first i had to get my outfit for the day ready so i grabbed a dark purpel crop top and a black short skirt with my dark purple vans and some clean underwear, got into the shower and did my daily routine and dried myself, i took a look in the mirror and looked at myself, my blue eyes, dark hair and my smile, i looked happy, sort of, my medication worked, and i finaly met someone who makes me genuinly smile, and i havent had that in a long time, it's been months since i hung out with friends, just talking or go out for dinner, i have no friends, except for Jai, Luke and beau, well if they even like me, James i have just met him yesterday, we talked for like 5 minutes, and Skip? i dont even know who the hell he is haha, i snapped out of my daydream and put on my underwear and my clothing, put on a little bit of mascara, eyeliner, and my babylips, dried my hair quickly and tied it in a pony tale, brushed my theeth and walked out of the bathroom and into my room, finding Jai sitting on my bed, 'Goodmorning' i said and he looked up 'Well, hello there' he said smiling, i smiled at him 'You wanna hang out today? My parents left' i asked him and he nodded 'Butttt, i need to shower and get clean clothing, so do you mind comming with me to my house?' he asked with a half smile 'I dont mind' i awnserd and got my pills and took one, 'The depression meds' he said and i nodded and got another bottle out and took two pills 'The vitamine pills' i said and winked at him, he laughed 'healthy and pretty' he said and stood op taking my hand, 'I need my Phone man' i said to him and grabbed my Phone and layed the charger on my drawer 'now, lets goooo' i said and took his hand he laughed shaking his head, I walked into the kitchen finding 50 dollars on the counter 'awesooomeeee' i said walking back to jai showing mah moneeeyyy '50? jezus' he said and laughed, we walked out of the door and started walking to his house.


(time skip 10 minutes)

'My lady' Jai said opening the door to his house, i smiled at him polite and walked inside waiting for Jai to come in, he closed the door behind him and took my hand and we walked into the living room finding a beautifull woman sitting on the coutch eating cereal 'Hey mom' Jai said and his mom looked up 'Jai Dominic Brooks, where were you!' she said putting her bowl of cereal down and she stood up 'I texted you that i was over at Katies' he said shocked, his mom took out her Phone and checked her messeges 'Oh hahah sorry Jai, Hi im Gina, the mom' she said and smiled at me, i smiled back 'I'm Katie' i said and she hugged me, i politely hugged back, gosh i hate hugging, 'You ladies talk, i need a shower and clean clothing' he said and kissed my cheeck and left the room, his mom sat down and spoke up 'Sit with me Katie, tell me about yourself' she said politely i sat down next to her 'Im 18, and i like music haha' i said awkward, 'How'd you and Jai meet?' she asked me curious 'Group therapy' i said with a half smile she nodded 'I told him it was a good idea, but the stubborn boy never listens' she said laughing, Beau walked in shirtless 'Hey mom, hey katie?' he said standing still 'Hey beau' i said waving a little 'When did you come here' he asked me, and Gina spoke up 'Oh beaubear, she slept here' she said and beau's eyes grew wide 'Lier, Jai went over her's last night, i know because he told me' he said shaking his head 'I arrived here like 10 minutes ago' i said laughing 'I woke up like 3 minutes ago, this is too much for me, i need food, and milk, and my daily doses Luke' he said and went into the kitchen, his mom shook her head ''Crazy beau' she said and Jai walked into the room again smiling as a idiot 'Hello girls' he said and sat down on the table infront of his mom 'What ever she said, it's a lie' he said pointing at me 'Heyyyy' i said annoyed his mom looked at me 'Oh, okay, so you both didnt meet at therapy?' she asked him, his eyes grew wide 'ooooh, yeah we did' he said awkward, and his mom looked at me 'Why are you in therapy sweety?' she asked me and i cleaned my throat 'She wont Judge you babe' jai said sweetly 'Depression, and suicide' i said looking at my hands, i felt a hand on my shoulder 'Sweety, we will be here for you ever step of the way, you'll get there' his mom said and smiled at me, 'Thank you so much' I said and hugged her, she smiled, and so did Jai, he stood up 'We will see you guys later' he said taking my hand and dragging me with him trought the door 'Where the hell are we going?' i asked him, but he continued to drag me with him.

We were at a flower field now, and it was amazingly beautifull, his hands went to my face and he kissed my lips, 'I like you alot Katie' he said smiling and blushing..

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