#JanoskiansFanfic thats what i like about you.

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  • Published: 13 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 29 Sep 2014
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Katie Green is a young girl, suffering from a depression, her mother signed her up for a talking group and she has to go, when she goes there every friday, see meets 5 boys who are trying to help her..
Will they? Or will she ignore their good hearts?


5. Be my baby?

We layed next to eachother in bed, He was cuddeld up to me, it was the middle of the night but i didnt care, i liked being with him, his smell, his eyes, his smile, everything about him made my heart skip a beat, eventhought we didn't know eachother for that long, it felt like we knew eachother for years, witch is weird because i never felt this comfortable with anyone, not even my own parents, not that i didnt trust them, but i just felt save with jai, It felt as if he was my best friend, 'What are you thinking about?' he asked me, and i smiled a soft smile, and dicided to tell the truth, 'About you, i've been thinking alot about you ' i confessed and he smiled at me, 'I've been thinking alot about you to Katie' he said and i smiled at him, he looked in my eyes and i swear i felt my heart skip a beat, his deep brown eyes, and his soft soft sweet smile, i knew i was falling in love with him, and i knew he knew it, either way, he was staring, 'why are you staring at me?' i asked him blushing, and he smiled at me, 'Because i'm in love with you Katie' he said with sparkling eyes, my heart beated so fast, i thought it was going to explode 'I uhm, I'm in love with you too Jai' i said and smiled sweetly, his smile grew bigger, he didn't hesitate to kiss, me and i didn't hesitate to kiss back, his hand grabbed mine, and he held it, he kissed my lips like he needed me, and i did the same thing back, because i needed him, and i wanted him, and i knew he wanted me, and only me, nobody else

'I love you' he said inbetween kisses, i smiled, 'I love you too' i said looking him into his eyes, he bit his lip 'Be my baby' he said and smiled at me sweetly, 'I'll be your baby' i awnserd and  he smiled a big beautifull smile, and kissed my lips, and layed down on top of me, and played with my hand

'You know that the boys will be all 'ohhh jai and katie sitting in a tree' blablabla' he said rolling his eyes, i laughed  'i couldn't care less, i mean, i barely know em, i dont even know who's skip yet' i said and Jai smiled 'I think you guys would get along great, maybe we can hang out with him tomorrow, considering the fact that the summer holidays just started' Jai asked, and i nodded, 'Yea sure, why not' i said and he smiled at me 'Why are you so beautifull' he said looking into my eyes, i shurgged 'I am not' i said and he shot up alittle and pressed his forehead to mine, 'Shut up, you are, you are perfect, to me, you are the defenition of beauty' he said and kissed my nose, i giggeld 'How are you so cute and uggg perfect' i asked him and he smiled 'I was born this way baby' he awnserd and winked at me,

this boy got me hooked, and he knew it,

After a few more kisses, and a clock that said 3;30 am, i cuddeld up to Jai, and we fell asleep fast after that,


For ever yours i promise,

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