Not ordinary anymore!

Remember the 5 not so ordinary boys from Melbourne, Australia?..
How they used to upload videos on YouTube just to make other people laugh?..
They became famous, but there was a thing that changed their lives, ruined their lives..
No one ever thought that such terrible things could happen..
you can't imagine how your life can turn from good to bad in a matter of seconds..
Read the fanfiction to learn more..


6. Secrets..

"Who are you?.." Luke asked straight away..
"Aww, little Luke, always ready for everything.." the man said making Luke even more frustrated..
Luke clenched his jaw and made his hands into fists trying to calm himself down..
"Who the hell are you?" Luke said through clenched teeth..
"Every thing to each time patient.." the black dressed man said again..
He obviously was trying to piss Luke off..he was really good at it..
James walked up to Luke..
"Luke, try to calm down, that's what he is trying to do..he want you to start a fight,
don't let him get what he wants"
Luke looked at him and nodded his head..
He knew James was right..
"So, you guys really don't remember me?" the man continued as he looked
from Luke to Jai and then to Beau..
They looked at each other confusion written on their faces..
How could possibly any of them know him?
"Beau, you should remember me.."
Beau looked at black dressed man's eyes that turned into yellow..
Beau sat there..not even moving..
he was shocked and sure as hell he was terrified..
"Come on Beau, we have met twice.." The black dressed man continued..
"Y-you.." Beau said, his words trembling..
"What?..Beau what is he talking about? do you know him?" Jai asked Beau concerned..
"None of your business little boy!" The man looked harshly at Jai..
Jai was ready to snap but Skip held him back..
"Hahaha, it's really funny how upset you guys are..even Maria was scared when she saw me,
 I can't understand why.." The man said while he was looking and smirking evilly at Luke..

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