Not ordinary anymore!

Remember the 5 not so ordinary boys from Melbourne, Australia?..
How they used to upload videos on YouTube just to make other people laugh?..
They became famous, but there was a thing that changed their lives, ruined their lives..
No one ever thought that such terrible things could happen..
you can't imagine how your life can turn from good to bad in a matter of seconds..
Read the fanfiction to learn more..


14. Medusa..

"There's no way to kill Medusa Luke!" Jai said still freaked out..

"Come on Jai, think!" James replied..

"Wait.." Jai said and ran out of the room..

everyone was sitting there confused..

Jai returned after 15 minutes with a really big book..

"What's that?" Skip asked..

"Well, I'm sure that here there's something about how to kill her.." Jai said and then he continued..

"yeah, well, we uhh..need to cut her haid, but uhh, we can't look at get" everyone was sitting there...thinking..

"I can go and get her head.." everyone snapped and looked at the direction the voice came from..

Luke smiled, and all the others were just sitting there with wide eyes..

"Okay, guys, stop looking at me like that, it's awkward" Maria laughed at them..

"Yeah, it's no a bit weird that you're here..well, like a ghost!" Daniel replied..

"I thought that was what you're dealing with?" Maria said..

"Smartass" Daniel mumbled and everyone in the room laughed..

"So, let's get going..if we set out now, we'll be there tomorrow.." Luke announced and all went to pack their things..

About an hour ago they've already start the trip..

Luke was relaxed..for some weird reason, he felt save, he had Maria by his side, he knew that everything was gonna be okay..

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