Not ordinary anymore!

Remember the 5 not so ordinary boys from Melbourne, Australia?..
How they used to upload videos on YouTube just to make other people laugh?..
They became famous, but there was a thing that changed their lives, ruined their lives..
No one ever thought that such terrible things could happen..
you can't imagine how your life can turn from good to bad in a matter of seconds..
Read the fanfiction to learn more..


12. Long time no see...


"Luke.." she breathed out..

Luke had freaked out, he didn't know what to do..his mind was tricking him..that's what he thought until he felt a breeze air go through his body..he looked at her..a tear rolling down his cheek..

"I know it's difficult but, please, let me tell you something..let me help you solve this problem..let me help you to get out of this situation just listen, that's why I'm here.." Maria said..and sat down in bed..

"Wha-what do you mean?" Luke replied as shocked as before..

"You know, the demon thing Luke, that's my destiny, that;s your destiny..yours can change if you take the right decisions.." She said..

"Destiny?..Fuck destiny Maria, I've lost you..nothing else matters anymore.." Luke said with tears in his eyes..

"No Luke, you have your family.." she said and looked at him with love in her eyes..

"Tell me" He replied and sat down next to her..

There was only one way to solve the problem..

only one thing could kill the demon and save Luke from hell..


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