Not ordinary anymore!

Remember the 5 not so ordinary boys from Melbourne, Australia?..
How they used to upload videos on YouTube just to make other people laugh?..
They became famous, but there was a thing that changed their lives, ruined their lives..
No one ever thought that such terrible things could happen..
you can't imagine how your life can turn from good to bad in a matter of seconds..
Read the fanfiction to learn more..


7. Lies?

Luke was boiling inside..he was angry, upset, one could
ever understand him..he was feeling lost..he wanted revenge..
"How, don't, you.." Luke couldn't catch any words..
"Ohh, you're gonna be surprised of how much your family had hide from you"..
the man said trying to get Luke to the point to start a fight..
"Luke don't listen to him.." Beau said..trying to make sure Luke wouldn't do anything..
"You killed her?" Luke said looking the man blankly..
"You think?..Maybe.." the man was playing with Luke's nerves..
"ANSWER ME DAMN IT!!" Luke screamed while kicking a chair that was beside him..
"Calm down little's not goes like this.." the man said..
"Stop it, answer me..I want a clear, straight answer.." Luke was now starting to get pissed again..
"Okay, I'll try..well..yeah, I killed her..And it felt really good..she was pleading me to stop, but
 no, seeing the fear in her eyes, she knew she was already dead but she kept believing that  
 you'll come into that door and save her..hahah, it was ridiculous, you were partying and she was dying.."
the man has pushed Luke to the edge..
"You are the one whose going to die'll pay for this!" Luke said..almost losing his own
words..the guilt he was feeling it was killing didn't matter how many lives he had saved in this
5 past years..he was considering himself as the one who made this wrong..
she could be alive if he was there..
But deep inside he knew..he knew that he couldn't do anything..
Neither then nor now..
these was the reason why he was still calm..
he hadn't lost his patience yet and he wouldn't..
He knew how to play this game..
He knew how to get out of this alive..
He had to do it, for the boys, and most importantly Maria...
But he could keep his calmness when he'll learn something about his family?..

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