Not ordinary anymore!

Remember the 5 not so ordinary boys from Melbourne, Australia?..
How they used to upload videos on YouTube just to make other people laugh?..
They became famous, but there was a thing that changed their lives, ruined their lives..
No one ever thought that such terrible things could happen..
you can't imagine how your life can turn from good to bad in a matter of seconds..
Read the fanfiction to learn more..


1. How all start..

"Come on babe, we will have fun.."

"No Luke, go out with the boys I'll be just fine!"

"Okay, give me a kiss?"..

She kissed him and he left, he went out to find the boys..

They were waiting for him outside a club..

"Ohh here you are, come on Luke!"

"Shut up Jai.."

"Boys stop it we are here to have fun, aren't we?" said Skip and all of the others said "yes" and they went in the club..

The time was passing normally, and everyone was enjoying the night..

everyone except Luke, he had a bad, something bad would happen soon but he didn't know what, so he just ignored that feeling, he shook it off for the next of the night..

They danced, drunk a lot..

they hadn't done any of this for a long time..

It was time for them to go home..

Luke returned home at 3am..

when he arrived home, he felt a really cold air hit his skin...

He went upstairs..

Maria, his girlfriend wasn't in the bedroom..

he saw the light open in the bathroom..

he thought she was in their so he lay in bed and closed his eyes..

he felt like something dripping from the ceiling on his forehead..

he reached out to his head to see what was eat..

his eyes widened when he saw blood...

he looked up at the ceiling and saw Maria hanging up their with a pool of blood around her, before he even realize what was happening, Maria's body was covered with flames, the home, was on fire...we ran outside, scared to hell, how was even possible to happen what happen in there?..

her body, was hanging from the ceiling, and then fire was all over her..

He saw his life get destroyed in front of his eyes..

He knew this wasn't a natural phenomenon..

He knew he had to do next..


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