Don't let me go...

Beau brooks, is the oldest member of the Janoskians. He jokes around and does all sorts with his friend like every nineteen year old does. He has a really special bond with someone in particular and his name is Daniel Sahyounie.
To Daniel it's a bit of fun, but it means so much more to Beau..

I love this ship I hope you do after reading this...


7. Will you be my boyfriend?

~ Beau's P.O.V ~

It was a few hours later and we had all decided to just go have a game of bowling and grab a bite to eat.

We played like six games already and we all got pretty hungry so we finished our game and went over to sit at a table.

"I need to talk to you after here ok?" Daniel whispered into my ear.

I just nodded and we both walked over to the table where everyone was sitting. Daniel pulled out my seat and I sat down. Didn't really know what to say so I just said thanks. We all decided on want we wanted so we ordered our food.

"I'm so hungry i could eat Luke." Jai said laughing.

"Shut up!" Luke said snapping at him.

"I was joking, or was I." Jai replied with a cheeky grin on his face.

It was obviously a joke so Luke was pissed at something. I was probably because Stephaine didn't come with us tonight. They have been arguing a lot recently.

"So why couldn't Stephanie come again?" I asked Luke.

He ignored me. So it was pretty much just awkward silence until our food came.

~ Daniel's P.O.V ~

 I grabbed Beau before he left.

"Beau I still need to talk to you but not here." I said quietly.

We walked out together. I pointed to round the back and took Beau round.

"What is it Daniel?" Beau questioned me.

"I have to tell you something I've always wanted to tell you." I said.

"What is it Daniel?" Beau asked me.

"I dumped Demi, I love you beau." I muttered.

I started to cry. Beau wouldn't even look at me. 

 "I don't know what to say Daniel." Beau said while crying.

"Please Beau don't cry and forget I ever said that." I screamed.

"No Daniel I cant." Beau said.

My heart jumped and I turned around to face Daniel.

"Beau I love you too." Daniel said while hugging me.

I had never been so happy in my life. I looked at Daniel.

"Oh my god, really?" I stuttered.

"Yes, I've been wanting to say that for so long but I didn't want to ruin our friendship." He replied.

"Daniel you don't understand how long I've wanted to tell you as well." I told him.

Daniel walked towards me. He closed his eyes. He put his hand on my cheek and slowly he kissed me. I only lasted a little while but it was amazing.

"Does this mean we can be together?" I asked Beau.

"I would love that Beau." He replied honestly.

"Will you be my boyfriend Daniel?" He asked .

He replied with a simple yes. He seemed so happy and I know that because I feel the same way.

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