Don't let me go...

Beau brooks, is the oldest member of the Janoskians. He jokes around and does all sorts with his friend like every nineteen year old does. He has a really special bond with someone in particular and his name is Daniel Sahyounie.
To Daniel it's a bit of fun, but it means so much more to Beau..

I love this ship I hope you do after reading this...


1. School with The Janoskians.

~ Beau's P.O.V ~

"Luke actually move over, there's enough room for both of us in this car," I yelled as my brother wouldn't move his ass.

"Well sorry!" He said with a little bit of cheek in his voice.

"Luke, I'm meeting James and Skip at the doors at school so you can either come with me or not, your choice,"

I pulled into the schools pupil parking area and parked my car in its usual place.

"Fine I'll come say hi to James and Skip." Luke said like he really didn't care.

I jumped out excitedly. Daniel was standing with James, I know we all have the same school uniform but Daniel looks so hot in his.

"Dude, what actually took you so long?" James said while sighing.

I apologised and said that the traffic was really bad, but really the truth was I wanted my hair to look like I actually cared about how I looked.

The school bell went and we were all in Tech first so we decided to walk to class together. Jai met us in the hall way and he looked pretty pissed off.

"Luke, get out of the way," Jai said aggressively.

"What's your problem? You've been acting like a dick ever since Lucy dumped you 2 weeks ago, get over it," Luke replied.

Luke and Jai are twins brothers, so they fight like cat and dog. It gets really annoying sometimes because they fall out over petty things. But Luke is the one with the short temper so usually he starts all the arguments or fights. Anyway it was really awkward after their mini-argument because Luke brought his ex into it this time. We all walked into our class and just worked on our wood work like nothing had happened. You could see Jai and Luke destroying their work because they were a wee bit too angry.

It was already half way through the day and it was finally lunch I was starving. I made my way to the lunch hall to meet the boys. It was a Friday so the lunch would be tolerable rather than the usual rubbish. I seen Luke and Jai sitting at an empty table, since they'd already gotten their lunch, and decided to go sit with them whilst James and Daniel were getting their lunch. I'd go and get my lunch but the lines are too long and I just can't be dealing with that. I'll just eat off the boys' plates.

"Are you guys still fighting?" I asked as I sat down next to Jai. Luke seemed to look hurt that I hadn't chosen him to sit next to.

I took their silence as a 'yes' and shrugged. They'd be over it by tomorrow or the day after so there's no point in them acting petty and not talking. It's the same all the fucking time.

Soon Daniel and James came over, chatting and laughing. James took a seat at the other side of Jai and Daniel sat across from me, next to Luke. Not that I'm complaining though I mean, the view is great now.

It was halfway through lunch and everyone was having their usual talks and laughs. Luke and Jai would occasionally take digs at each other and raise their voices and James would stop it by saying a joke that wasn't even funny but they'd laugh anyway because it was so stupid whilst Daniel and I were sitting here quiet.

I watched Daniel, whilst the boys were occupied, as he looked at the chocolate cake on his plate. He was looking at it like he didn't want to eat it because it looked so nice. That sounds stupid I know but seriously this is how he is looking at it. He suddenly looked up at me gazing at him and smiled, a devious smile. What was he planning?

He picked up his fork and took a piece of the cake on his fork and pulled it up to his mouth slowly, keeping eye contact with me the whole time. He licked his lips before taking a bite and chewing slowly. I couldn't help by feeling slightly turned on by this, I'd never seen anyone look so seductive whilst eating food before. He did this for the rest of the pieces and never broke eye contact once. I actually think I started to drool.

He chuckled quietly and stood up to put his rubbish in the bin and came back. He was looking at me again and leaned forward, resting his head on his left hand. He gave me that devious smile of his again. Oh shit, what was he going to do now?

Before I knew it I had spoke too soon. I could feel his foot stroking my leg very slowly and I tensed up. Which had turned me on even more than I was. I bit my lip, Daniel knew what he was doing and I felt relieved because the boys hadn't noticed, or so I thought.

"You alright there, Beau? You look constipated mate," James asked, looking at me strangely, as were Luke and Jai.

I looked at Daniel who had wiped that smile off his face and looked like he wasn't the cause of this and curious as to what I was going to say. That little sneaky git.

"Yeah I'm fine," I said quickly. I realised how I must have looked considering the fact my lip was now sore from me biting it so much. Goddamit Daniel.

The bell went for the next class and I waited for all the boys to stand up before I stood up because I was pretty sure I had a boner so I wanted to make sure the boys were walking in front of me. Daniel slowed down a bit and walked beside me, laughing at how much he'd turned me on.

"How ya doin' mate?" He snickered. I was so going to get him back for this. Big time.

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