Don't let me go...

Beau brooks, is the oldest member of the Janoskians. He jokes around and does all sorts with his friend like every nineteen year old does. He has a really special bond with someone in particular and his name is Daniel Sahyounie.
To Daniel it's a bit of fun, but it means so much more to Beau..

I love this ship I hope you do after reading this...


3. Next morning after the party.

~ Beau's POV ~

My alarm went off, it was 8 o'clock in the morning. Daniels eyes started to open, so I quickly faced the other way and pretended to sleep. He sat up groggily. I heard a yawn escape his lips.

"Beau?" Daniel mumbled.

His hand touched my bare side, sending sparks throughout my body. I pretended to awake slowly, then turned to face him.

"Yeah?" I said yawning.

"C'mon, it's time to get up!" He murmured.

"Okay!" I answered, fake tiredness coating my voice.

We got up, and went into the living room.

"Are any of the twins awake yet?" Daniel asked me.

"I don't know I'll go check, be back in two minutes and don't miss me too much." I said winking at Daniel.

I got up and headed towards Jai and Luke's room. I opened the door and shouted.

"GET UP, STOP BEING SO LAZY!" I yelled, while I could hear Daniel giggling away in the living room.

"Get out!" Luke screamed at me.

I walked back into the living room to find Daniel with a HUGE smile on his face.

~ Daniel POV ~

I was sitting with Beau in the living-room when my phone went off. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone to see who it was, it was my dad. He was probably calling to see how things with Beau went last night.

See, my dad is the only one who knows that I'm gay and that I kind of have feelings for Beau that I'm not quite sure of yet. I'd like to be with him but we're best friends and if anything was to happen between us during the relationship that has a negative impact then it'd ruin the friendship and I really don't want that.

Not to be modest or anything, but I think Beau likes me back. I don't know for sure though. It's just that he acts the way I do around him and it kinda makes me think that he might actually like me. He gives off the signs that he maybe does. I hope he isn't just joking around just to get a rise out of me.

"Why didn't you answer that?" Beau asked curiously.

"It was just a call centre trying to get me to buy fridges or whatever.. I've been getting them a lot lately." I lied. Beau seemed to believe me because he shrugged it off and went back to watching whatever was on television.

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