Don't let me go...

Beau brooks, is the oldest member of the Janoskians. He jokes around and does all sorts with his friend like every nineteen year old does. He has a really special bond with someone in particular and his name is Daniel Sahyounie.
To Daniel it's a bit of fun, but it means so much more to Beau..

I love this ship I hope you do after reading this...


5. Janoskian's sleepover.

~ Daniel's P.O.V ~

A week past and I hadn't been to school for the full week. It was a Friday night I really wanted to do something, so I texted Beau.


To: Beau

- Hey mate, up for doing something tonight? ;)

He texted me back two minutes later saying I was to come over and that I could stay the night. I got my stuff ready and walked to Beau's. I soon arrived at his house and I rang the door bell. Gina answered the door.

"Daniel! It's sooo good to see you, come in, come in!" She said greeting me.

So I walked in and she just told me to go up to the twins' room because they were all sitting up there. Beau, Jai, James and Luke were playing the xbox.

"So.." James said.

"Truth or dares? Anyone?" Beau said to us all.

I smiled. He was way too cute.

"That doesn't sound like a bad idea actually," Jai said.

"C'mon lets play!" I said.

Beau came and sat next to me. I was so happy right now and nothing could change that.

"Umm.. Luke! Truth or dare?" Beau asked Luke.

"Truth," He answered.

"Ok, if you turned gay who would you date?" Beau said to Luke.

"Zayn Malik, defiantly! He's a so hot!" Luke answered again.

"Ok, Skip, your turn," Beau said winking.

A devious smile made its way onto Beau's face. This couldn't end well.

"Beau, truth or dare?" Shit. Either way would end badly.

"Truth," Beau answered.

"Gay... Or straight?" I responded with a devious smile.

He leaned towards me and whispered.

"S-straight" Beau replied but I so knew he was lying.

~ Jai's P.O.V ~

There was no chance anyone bought that! I'm the only who knew Beau was gay.

"Beau you're-" Beau clamped his hand over my mouth before I could finish.

"What's going on?" Skip asked.

"You promise you'll treat me the same way you do now if I tell you?" I said nervously.

"Of course Beau, you're my best friend," Daniel said.

"I-I'm gay." Beau stuttered.

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