Don't let me go...

Beau brooks, is the oldest member of the Janoskians. He jokes around and does all sorts with his friend like every nineteen year old does. He has a really special bond with someone in particular and his name is Daniel Sahyounie.
To Daniel it's a bit of fun, but it means so much more to Beau..

I love this ship I hope you do after reading this...


6. Beau comes out.

~ Beau's POV ~

Everyone in the room stayed silent as they processed what I'd said. Heck, even I had to process what I'd just said. 'I'm gay.' I know now wasn't exactly the best time to say it considering the fact it was truth or dare we were playing. I mean, they might not take it seriously. It was a couple of minutes before I decided to break the ice.

"Now you guys know," I laughed nervously. "I didn't really want to tell you like this but, em, may as well get it over and done with," I looked over at Jai and he mouthed 'finally' then smiled. He'd been wanting me to tell the lads for a long time now.

"Hey mate, we're not gonna treat you any different." James reassured me and put his arm around my shoulders.

"Yeah, you're still the same guy you were two minutes ago," Daniel smiled at me.

That smile suddenly made me feel a whole lot better. Knowing all my friends accepted me. I just felt so great. I brought them in for a massive group hug and squeezed them as hard as I could.

"So, do you want to hit the gay bars?" Luke smirked. He flinched back as I went to punch his arm. I knew he meant well though.

"Funny. Well I'm really tired so I'm away to bed, night guys." I yawned.

Daniel followed me up the stairs so I pretended to not hear him to see if he was coming to bed with me.

"Beau, wait I'm coming to bed." Daniel shouted up to me.

"You can sleep in the spare room if you want?" I responded.

"Em no, why would I want to do that?" He questioned me.

"I don't know just if you're not comfortable." He replied.

"Beau, can I be honest? I want to sleep with you because I'd rather sleep with you than alone." Daniel said winking at me.

Daniel is too cute its unbelievable.

"Night Beau ." He said giggling.

"Night Skip." I responded with a huge grin on my face.

~ Daniel's P.O.V ~

I woke up to find I was alone. I picked up my phone I had a text from Beau.


From: Beau 

- Skip I'm away to the gym I'll be back at 9, I didn't want to wake you x

It was only 8:30AM so I walked down stairs. Gina was sitting in the kitchen with Luke, Jai and James.

"Morning Skip." Gina said while hugging me.

I really like Gina, she's so down to earth, I love her to bits. She's always there for us. She's amazing.

Half an hour passed and Beau had got back from the gym. I was really glad he was back.

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