Beau,Lolly and the fam

Beau is really fucking stupid..He doesnt know what some things are but when it comes to James he knows exactly where his mind is at;)


5. James and beau?

Luke and Jai are still curious of what happened to beau and James last night

Luke:Guys!? Get up..

Beau:Oh hey..wait wheres my lolly?

Jamesl:Ohh heyy uhm I'll be downstairs

Jai:What the fuck?

Beau:Yeah me and James had a little party last night


Jai:Well..Lets go get some food


Beau:I'll be right down

Beau looks for his "lolly" meanwhile James is curled up in the bathroom crying about what to do.. 

Skip:Hey whats up James?

James:Oh nothing you know I my period..?

James has to lie to skip about what he is crying about...

Skip:Are you sure your okay?

James:Yeah Im great.

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