Beau,Lolly and the fam

Beau is really fucking stupid..He doesnt know what some things are but when it comes to James he knows exactly where his mind is at;)


2. Annabelle gets an extra 95 cent

Annabelle and luke are talking because they went to high school together.

Annabelle:So what are you doing here luke?

Luke:Ohh you know hunting elephants

Annabelle:Are you serious..Just fuck off you peice of fucking shit!

Luke:Says the fucking whore/slut/prostitute 

Annabelle:Dont telle anyone that

Luke:Ohh what are you gonna do you stupid little baby whore

Annabelle:Fuck off!

Luke:Here have 95 cent,you look like you need it

Annabelle drops to the ground to pick up the coins and Luke walks away..

Annabelle goes into the shop and goes to get a dildo and see's they are 5.95 

Annabelle:Good thing he threw those coins away or I couldnt get a dildo..

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