An Apocalypse (Janoskians FanFic)

When Molly and Lucie and Molly finally meet their idols, a zombie apocalypse breaks, they end up heart broken from 3 boys gone, luke and jai keeping Molly and Lucie safe.


10. The Safe Place

After 6 hours of driving we got to the safe place. We didn't see James or Beau on the way so we started getting worried. We went inside the gates and filled in a terms and conditions form, then we went inside, Loads of fans were in there so luke jai and Daniel had their own room, I wasn't allowed in, and I really needed Luke's shoulder to cry on but everyone was crushing me against the door, I held Molly's hand so we wouldn't be geared apart and I pulled her forward, luke saw me through the window, and he realised my anxiety was kicking in, he quickly opened the door and pulled me and Molly in, there was knocking round the back of the room but we didn't open the door, but we realised who it was when we heard an Australian guy say "GET OFF ME YOU SLUT!" We opened the door and it was beau and James, there was this massive fat walker following them and it was trying to grab beau. Everyone was so confused about me and Molly so Luke and jai explained everything to them and they understood, they gave us a hug and said hey, and I guess that was our new family... If only we realised the fans weren't fans they were walkers... Beau, James, Daniel, Jai and Molly Didn't have to die... If only I wasn't so stupid! It's been 18 years and I've lost and arm and 5 People, I hope by the time all this is cleared up I don't lose Luke or baby Jacob.

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