An Apocalypse (Janoskians FanFic)

When Molly and Lucie and Molly finally meet their idols, a zombie apocalypse breaks, they end up heart broken from 3 boys gone, luke and jai keeping Molly and Lucie safe.


5. Reasons

On the way to the back, Luke started staring at me again, I looked fast and looked away..

"So what's your deal?" Luke questioned.... "Huh?" I replied... "I mean, your beautiful-" that made me smile a little "- but your tough" .. "I..." I didn't know what to say...he started talking again "you took out one of them walkers... Just like that."

We both stopped and looked at each other, I was about to speak but Luke just walked up to me and gave me the biggest hug you could think of ... It was then I cried, because I was really short he carried me in his arms, I felt like a princess... We went to sit down but jai and Molly came into the room behind us..

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