An Apocalypse (Janoskians FanFic)

When Molly and Lucie and Molly finally meet their idols, a zombie apocalypse breaks, they end up heart broken from 3 boys gone, luke and jai keeping Molly and Lucie safe.


9. Finding The Others

"WAIT!" Daniel said, "don't fire! This is luke and jai, the ones we came out to find." he said to the men. "Find?" Luke asked, "you did come from that safe place?" Jai continued...

"No, we're on our way there." said Daniel.

"Wait! Who are these girls? "One of the men said pointing the gun at me and molly, I think his name tag said Officer Kenny, but I don't know... Luke and jai both jumped back and held us, "their with us!" Luke said, he kissed me on the cheek, Daniel looked and tilted his head, he was confused but Luke explained the story to him.

"Anyway we need to go" Kenny said... We got in the van and started driving, one of the other officers, Paul, told us to look out the window to look for James and Beau.

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