An Apocalypse (Janoskians FanFic)

When Molly and Lucie and Molly finally meet their idols, a zombie apocalypse breaks, they end up heart broken from 3 boys gone, luke and jai keeping Molly and Lucie safe.


7. Banging

I fell asleep in his arms that night, but early in the morning we heard banging at the door, we didn't know if it was one of the walkers or a help team... We went and hid around the back, in the wardrobe we were all scared but I didn't show it. Jai whispered to Molly "I'm worried about the boys." ... "Me too, I'm sure they will be fine.", I interrupted "maybe they are at the safe place." "The safe place?" Luke said. "Yeah, there is a place up North where there's high metal gates with food and shelter and your safe from the walkers." I explained. "I'll just keep thinking that said jai.

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