An Apocalypse (Janoskians FanFic)

When Molly and Lucie and Molly finally meet their idols, a zombie apocalypse breaks, they end up heart broken from 3 boys gone, luke and jai keeping Molly and Lucie safe.


1. A Good Finding

Friday the 14th 2011

I was walking home from school one day, on the path opposite, I saw some boys "Hey guys were the janoskians!" Their Voices Were Cute, sounded Australian... They saw me staring and they waved... I waved back and carried on walking, i tried to take a picture because they were all georgous, but one of them stood out the most to me, hazelish eyes, amazing brown hair that flipped to the side, I couldn't take my eyes off him. I finally got a good enough picture.

When I got home I posted the picture with the caption 'saw thease boys today, they were sooo cute'. A few hours later I checked my phone, 177 retweets and 589 favourites... I looked through all the comments and they all said "OMG THE JANOSKIANS!" At the time I had no idea who they were... I called Molly and asked if she could come round because I needed to talk to her, i asked her about them and she said her sister watches them on you tube ... We searched them up later that night and honestly, I fell In love.

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