Shadows Within The Sun

#love #wish #girl #school
Mael's and kyle's mother died suddenly when they were only eight years they found out a place that she used to love...but where is this place? Does it really exist?


3. chapter three

I stare at the picture in my hands.

" is" "but you recognize this place?" I give another look at the photo. "No Kyle, I don't. It says 'home' but I've never seen this place" he looks disappointed, and so am I. I look up at him. "Time to go little one" he says. "You're the little one Kyle" "yeah whatever" he smiles and bends over to kiss my cheek. "Goodnight Mael" and he heads down toward his room. "Kyle" I say just before he gets in "do you think you'll sleep all right?" "I never do Mael, you know it. I'm not as strong as you" "I'm not strong Kyle. I just learned not to cry to much" "okay. Get it." He says smiling. He looks at the floor for a second and the he gets in his room and gently closes the door.

I was the one that couldn't sleep that night. I thought I could be strong if I wanted to, my brother thinks I'm strong. But I'm not strong, I know it. I was trying not to cry that night but I found my self sobbing all night long.

The day after I was sitting by my self at the kitchen table having breakfast, when Kyle showed up. "Hey" "hey" I say back. "Mael, do you think we should find out where the place of the photo is?" I don't know. I don't know. "I don't know, Kyle. Do you think is important?" "Do I think is important? Sure is important Mael. I want to live with every little part of her that still exists. And that place is one if them." I stare blank at the wall for a moment "yeah you're right but... Where could it be? I mean... We've been living here forever Kyle, and we never saw it. How can that happen now?" "Well Mael, first of all we never knew we ere looking for it, there for we probably never noticed it. And second, isn't it obvious Mael? We have to go through the other photos" I didn't even have time to think about it, Kyle grabs my hand and pulls me out of the kitchen "let's go" he says and we go towards the attic. "Kyle stop. Where's dad? What if he-" he cuts me off "I know Mael, but he has work to do and he'll stay in his room all day." "Yeah but-" "yeah but nothing Mael. I know he shouldn't find out that we still think of her, or else he's gonna start feeling bad again. But he won't, okay?" "Okay, yeah. Let's go up."

We went through pictures till 1AM and we saw quite a few more of this place, but nine of them showed dad it it. Just mom. In some of them she was lying on the grass reading, in others just sitting against the tiny apple tree. In some of them she wasn't even there. There was a picture that we really liked.

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