Shadows Within The Sun

#love #wish #girl #school
Mael's and kyle's mother died suddenly when they were only eight years they found out a place that she used to love...but where is this place? Does it really exist?


10. chapter ten

Dad would obviously be mad at me for what I was only 'thinking about doing'. Kyle simply wouldn't understand. He wouldn't understand why would me and my friends go where we're not aloud, when we have the whole city for us. In the beginning I thought the same thing.

But then, that night, everything came clear. The city wasn't made for people like us. We needed a place all for us. Our place. Somewhere no one could disturb us. Somewhere where we could be ourselves. Be young.


The weekend was over and Monday came along. I wake up and have a shower. I dress up for school, I say goodbye to dad and I start walking. Today I don't want to walk with Kyle. I have something to do before school, and I need to be alone. 'Here it is' I think. I'm standing at the end of the road, where all the signs say to stop. I walk in the high grass until the fence and then I calmly walk along it, until I finally find it.

"Thanks for honoring us with your presence, Mael" "I'm sorry Miss Gilley, I got up late" "well take a seat then."

I hear someone whisper behind me. "Sst! Mael! What is this about?" "I'll explain later Sean, now shut up befo-" "Mael, face your place right now. " Miss Gilley says. I give Sean an annoyed look and turn round.

"So?" I was temporally confused on what Sean was asking me. "Mmh?" "You're hardly never late for class Mael" "okay, so. I went to the end of the road and I found a place where the fence is ruined and we can go through it" "but how did you know you would find something like this?" Emma asks. "I didn't" but then I think about it "well actually, I did know something about it. You remember that boy that finished last year? Tall, blonde " I look at Emma "really cute" "oh yeah!" Shouts Emma "what was his name again? Joshua!" "Yes him. Well, I don't actually know what we were talking about, but I remember him saying to me there was somewhere in the fence where you could go past it." I say. "So... When are we doing this?" Sean asks. "Well" I say "we can get past the fence now. But then? The forest is like, really big. We dot even know where to go from there." This shut him up for a while. But then he says "

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