Shadows Within The Sun

#love #wish #girl #school
Mael's and kyle's mother died suddenly when they were only eight years they found out a place that she used to love...but where is this place? Does it really exist?


6. chapter six

We sat at McDonald's and they both have thousands of things to say to each other and to say to me, even though we saw each other only two days ago.

Emma finally got together with Joshua, the boy she had a crush on from forever. She was at the Friday night party where I was invited too, it was Joshua's birthday. I refused instantly, maybe because I was really tired and not feeling very well, or maybe because I didn't really know Joshua, or probably because Emma would talk to Joshua all the time, and bit with me...and Sean wasn't invited so. She keeps on saying the cake was perfect, and he was perfect, and everything was perfect...I stopped listening a few minutes ago. Not that it wasn't interesting, and I respect Emma and all, but I was disappointed because I thought all of this would distract me from mom, and this didn't happen. I was thinking about all this when I feel Sean gently touching my leg, whispering to listen. "Oh...yeah? Sorry?" I mumble. Emma was looking at me, I don't know for how long "I asked what did you do this weekend" "oh, yeah. Nothing really, just studying English for tomorrow I guess. Me and Kyle finished the film we didn't finish Friday" I say. "So did Ginny kiss Harry in the chamber?" Asks Emma, smiling. "Oh my God Emma you only say this because you know the end of the series" we all laugh and then Sean tries it out "and did Harry-" I cut him of, laughing "don't you even try to ask anything about that film Sean, you know like every single thing about Harry Potter" "I love Harry Potter!" He shouts. "We love Harry Potter!!" Emma shouts even louder. We burst into laugh, and this is probably the thing that distracts me the most.

"So...let's go shopping...!" Tries Emma. Sean gets up from the bench "no way" I look at him "okay then... Let's go at my fav-" "no way, even worst. What if we-" "NO" me and Emma say. "But you don't even know what I was gonna say..." Me and Emma smile at each other.

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