Shadows Within The Sun

#love #wish #girl #school
Mael's and kyle's mother died suddenly when they were only eight years they found out a place that she used to love...but where is this place? Does it really exist?


7. chapter seven

"What i was trying to say"he continued"is what if we do something that we all want to do" I look at him "oh do not look at me that way Mael, I'm not freaking out. It's always me" "yeah that's the problem big boy" says Emma and we all laugh. "What I'm saying is that we could go shopping, go to the bookstore and go somewhere I want, like... I don't know. The woods maybe?" "What, the one behind school you mean?" Asks Emma. Sean looks down at his shoes and it looks like he's about to smile. "Oh no Sean" I say "you know we can't" "what?" Emma didn't understand. "Yes we can Mael" says Sean "is not difficult, run to the end of the road and jump over the fence and that's it." "Ooh. Now I understand. And I'm with Sean. I mean Mael, it's not so difficult after all, he's right" I think for a moment and then say, calmly "is not that I'm worrying about, you know. But what if we get caught? God knows what the police will do to us." We all sat there, silent.

We all knew what I was talking about. Until 19 years ago, in 1995, anyone could go in that woods. It was a beautiful forest; really high trees and it seemed always sunny. Then, that year, the forest started burning and it went on for hours, burning, falling. The fire destroyed most of it; it's still really big. But fire could never do what you see in the woods right now; there was something else, nobody still knows what. Most of the forest is gone, yes, but what is left of it you can't really call it forest. Most of the trees are dying, and the ground is really strange. There are points where is beautiful; grass, fruits. But most of it is falling is really big holes; rocks,dirt. Nearly nothing left of that once beautiful place. They built hight fences all around it, and at the end of each road that was supposed to go into it, they put signs that said 'no going further' or 'road ends in 250 yards'. Everybody knows that the road doesn't actually end, but it's forbidden to go past it, and nobody ever tried. The police says it's to dangerous, there for there's no way anyone can enter it.

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