Shadows Within The Sun

#love #wish #girl #school
Mael's and kyle's mother died suddenly when they were only eight years they found out a place that she used to love...but where is this place? Does it really exist?


9. chapter nine

"So are we doing this?" He says.

"Actually, I'm starving" I say back "I am too, why don't we sit at McDonalds and eat something, so we can think about the woods".

And so we're sitting at McDonalds and Sean is all excited about it all. "So are we doing this?" He says. "Sean you know how dangerous this is and what-" but he cuts me of taking my hand "Mael you promised! Oh please, Emma? Help me out will you?" She laughs "he's right Mael. You promised...we promised him and now we'll do this thing. And you'll never know, maybe it turns out fun, too." Sean smiles at me and my hand drops on the table. "Okay then" I say in the end "we'll do this, we'll go to the woods together" I have a quick look at my phone "but it's 5 pm. We could go tomorrow, we'll have all day then" I stand up and take the empty trails away, and when I get back to the table Sean hugs me hard. "That's perfect" he says into my shoulder.

That evening I didn't say anything about it to Kyle, or dad.

[author's note]

Sorry guys if this chapter is short:) you stuff:/ I'll be posting the next chapter soon so please go fan me, comment and like this story❤️ ||magicath_

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