Shadows Within The Sun

#love #wish #girl #school
Mael's and kyle's mother died suddenly when they were only eight years they found out a place that she used to love...but where is this place? Does it really exist?


11. chapter eleven

But then he says "don't even think this will stop me. This is our chance Mael, once we're in we will know where to go. I promise." I nod slowly. Then Emma speaks: "we should go this Sunday. The cups never check that area on Sunday." "Yes you're right Emma" says Sean. I check my phone and get up quickly. Sean stops me by taking my hand "what's wrong Mael?" "I forgot, I promised Kyle I would-"I look at my shoes "well, I need to go home" they smile at me. No questions. Perfect. "Bye then" they both say. Sean releases my had and I walk towards home.

I open the door and Kyle is there, waiting for me. "Hi. I was thinking...Sunday we could wonder around and find out more about mom's place." I get inside and gently close the door. I walk towards my room and he follows me, still talking. "I mean, we could show the photo to people in the street and maybe go check out ourselves. I think we should-" "I can't." I cut him off. I sit on my bed and he leans against my desk, facing me. "What do you mean?" "I'm sorry, Kyle. I just can't." He gets up from the desk and walks the few meters between us. "I don't get it Mael. I thought you wanted this how much I do. Do you realize how important this is for me?! And why can't you anyway?" For a while I stay silent, then I speak: "you promise you won't tell anyone? Not even dad?" He doesn't even think about it "I promise" I take a deep breath and I explain the situation to him "so, me Emma and Sean are going to check out the big fo- don't look at me that way, listen to me- the big forest. We found a point in the fence where we can get past it and get in." Kyle looks stunned "you Emma and Sean what?!" "Don't tell dad, please." "I won't, I was just I don't know... Surprised. I'm glad I was wrong saying you didn't care about mom's place." "I do care, you know it." I say "yeah...I know. Okay"

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