Twenty Four Hours

Alternate Universe where all of the boys are in school.

Hawk Rise school has challenged ten students to stay in school for twenty fours hours straight. "Why don't we take it in turns to tell scary stories?" One of the twins asks. Who knew story time in a school so familiar to them, could be so horrifying?


1. Prologue

Hi Berries!

I'm new to Movellas and I already have my fan name for you since I write on Wattpad.

This is also my first attempt at writing a complete Janoskians fanfiction so I hope I'm okay at it and you enjoy it.





"Jai honey! You've got a letter!" Gina calls up the stairs to her seventeen year old son Jai. She takes a look at the other two letters and calls out to her other two sons Beau and Luke - Jai's twin - that they also have letters.


Tentatively, someone opens the letter and starts to read its contents. "Dear Beau. Congratulations! You are one of the ten students picked to take part in the twenty-four hour project this year." Beau reads.

"The project will not only help you make new friends and develop new skills, but will test your strength." James, Beau's best friend living across the road tells his parents.

"This years campus is the school campus. Five boys and five girls, including yourself, are this years chosen." Daniel, the twins best friend reads to his parents.

"The project will happen this Saturday the twentieth." One of the girls chosen reads to her three other friends chosen.

"Be at school for eight am. Yours Sincerely, Mr Isaacs." The last girl reads to her older brother Jason.


The same thought runs through the ten teenagers heads. Who else is doing this twenty-four hour project?

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