Campsite nightmare (janoskians)


1. it's just this chapter not doing chapters lol

There was a group called the janoskians , it included 5 boys from Melbourne 3 brothers, jai luke (they wore twins) and there older brother beau , it also included to best mates james and Daniel aka(skip) 

All these boys had a very special and unbreakable bond , they felt amazing because they became very sucsesful with there videos on YouTube they got lots of views they began to grow a fan base iwas one of the major fans Instagram -janoskians_are_life_14 twitter @daneekaq13 these boys mad a lot of people happy by just being themselves and with fans also came haters and all came haters but there was a weird twist there was a physco path watching them every step they made this person wanted to kidnap the janoskians because he wanted to be noticed because we'll he was crazy , so one night the group of 5 fags lol decided to go camping , so they wore all just sitting by the fire and jai says I have to go toilet the boys are like ye whatever go so he goes and then it becomes a half an hour later and jai still isn't back the boys become a little confused but they just say oh maybe he's talking a really long shit or something so then about 20 minutes later they start to go looking for him and there calling him jai jai no answer they thought he was pulling a prank and beau says jai you little shit come back lol and there's still no answer so the boys decide to split up beau and skip james and luke on other sides of the campsite they still don't find anyone so they go back to ronnie at the site , ronnie jais missing I ii dkssoxfsbsoxshaksjajaa 

Ronnie panicks rings the police "ronnie-um Hjshxais hello my friend jais missing police -how long ronnie-about 2 hours-I'm sorry we can't help till about 24 hours missing I'm sorry , so the boys go out and look again still no look there all really worried but next of all the boys here a scream lol and if you should know it's aw all a dream lol skip had a dream about this (not real just a fanfic ) :) xx twitter @daneekaq13 

Insta -janoskians_are_life_14 

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