The Silence

Paisley Dean is your average 18 year old, she's just starting college and having to make new friends. She's moving away from her home in Texas and going to live in California.
Although she may appear to be average, Paisley has some secrets that she doesn't want anyone to know, an the reason for her not talking is one of them.


10. Epilogue

    “I love you so much Paisley” Beau pulled me closer to him, we snuggled under the blankets. I didn’t say a word, I was just enjoying the moment. I closed my eyes for a split second, just as the twins came rushing into the room. I opened my eyes to see Jai blushing next to a grinning Luke.

    “Nice bro” He laughed. I pulled the sheets around my naked body, feeling really self-conscious.

    “Sorry” Jai mumbled before he rushed out of the room.

    “What do you want Luke?” Beau asked, laughing at Jai’s reaction.

    “Daniel tried cooking and he just keeps burning everything” Luke paused and then turned to me “We need your expertise in the kitchen” He grinned a goofy smile.

    “Give me a chance to get dressed and then I’ll cook up something” I told Luke, to try and get him to leave the room. He nodded and rushed out too. I giggled next to Beau and cuddled up to his side, even more.

    “You better get down there quick, or they will come back up” He said to me. I nodded my head in understanding, and stood up to grab my clothes. I quickly got changed, Beau’s eyes not leaving my body once. I was about to leave the room when I turned around and blew a kiss at Beau.

    “Move out of the way then” I sighed, looking at the state the kitchen was in. Everyone cleared out of the kitchen, or so I thought everyone had. Jai stayed behind and helped me clean up.

    “Sorry about that” He looked a little embarrassed.

    “Don’t worry about it” I nudged him with a smile. As Jai was my best friend I told him everything, but I suppose with Beau being his brother I kept that one to myself. I didn’t think it was necessary for me to talk to Jai about. “Hey, do you want to put some music on?” I asked, as I cracked an egg to fry it. Jai went over to the iPod station and pressed play. The first song to come on was #SELFIE by the Chainsmokers. As I continued to cook the eggs Jai would appear next to me and take a selfie with me. I giggle at how silly he was, and we started dancing together.

    Beau seemed to come out of nowhere, one minute I was dancing next to Jai, the next I was being spun around in a circle by Beau. I pecked him on the lips once and went back to the eggs. Daniel appeared back in the kitchen moaning about being hungry.

    “Here, have the first one then” I said just as finished plating the first one. Daniel took the plate and started demolishing the food at the small breakfast table.

    Soon everyone had eaten and all the plates were empty, almost looking clean. I collected everyone’s plates and put them in the sink to wash up later.

    “James is coming over later” I announced, no one apart from me knew, as I had been texting James back and forth a few times. They nodded and disappeared quickly from the room. I was then left in the kitchen alone, to think about I had totally broken my own promise. I shrugged to myself, I didn’t care. Everything was perfect, life was great and I, I was finally happy again.

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