The Silence

Paisley Dean is your average 18 year old, she's just starting college and having to make new friends. She's moving away from her home in Texas and going to live in California.
Although she may appear to be average, Paisley has some secrets that she doesn't want anyone to know, an the reason for her not talking is one of them.


2. Chapter One

    Mom helped me move into college and left about an hour ago. I sat on my bed fiddling with my fingers. I was becoming nervous and I wasn’t sure how people would react to my silence. I had downloaded an app on my phone which allowed me to communicate through it. I could change the settings, and choose the voice that came out. I went with a British feminine voice, just because I like the accent there. I scrolled through my newsfeed on Facebook, reading the many statues about my friends starting college. Many of them stayed in Texas. Only a couple, like me, moved out of the state.

    As I scrolled something in particular caught my eye. Lauren had uploaded a picture, not just any picture, but a picture of a baby scan. My sister was pregnant? Did mom know? Or dad? I doubt she would have told dad that would have meant picking up a phone and calling him. And god forbid she do that. I dropped my phone onto my bed and locked my bedroom door behind me.

    Once I reached the lounge, I only noticed a few people talking. A couple of girls were sat together giggling away about something. And a group of guys were at the other side of the room, being loud and hyperactive. I made my choice and went over to the girls and pulled my phone out. I typed away quickly, hoping they wouldn’t think I was weird by not saying anything.

    “Hey, my name is Paisley. I lost my voice a few months ago.” I smiled at the girls, but they weren’t amused. The blonde one gave me a weird look, and the brunette told me to ‘fuck off’. I frowned staring at the now empty seats where they were sat. I didn’t expect it to hurt as much as it did. I was just about to leave when I felt a hand grab hold of my arm. I turned around and noticed one of the guys had hold of me. I pulled my arm slightly.

    “Sorry..” He mumbled and let go of my arm. “So you lost your voice?” He asked, his voice was cute, Australian. I nodded my head, keeping my mouth shut. I then typed away at my phone again.

    “I have this app though. It’s pretty good, just hope you won’t get too bored as I type my messages out” It was then that I realized it was so quiet in the room. The only sound was my phone talking. I looked over to the other guys and noticed they were all staring in my direction. I put my head down and let my hair cover my face as I felt my cheeks burn a little.

    He laughed, which was nice. I wasn’t expecting anyone to like me so soon.

    “I’m Beau” He said, holding his hand out for me to shake. I shook his hand before typing fast again.

    “Paisslhty” It came out really weird, and I looked confused at my phone. I blushed as I realized I had typed so fast that I added extra letters into my name “Paisley” I corrected, which earned another laugh from Beau. He motioned for his friends to join us, and I suddenly felt intimated. 5 guys were almost circling me, and it made me feel uncomfortable.

    “This is James, he’s going to this college” Beau told me as he pointed to the guy who was stood closest to me. I gave him a small wave. “This is Daniel” He pointed to the guy next to James, again I waved to him too. “And these are my brothers Luke and Jai” Finally pointing to the two guys who were standing in the middle of everyone. For the last time I waved to them both. Beau then introduced me to the guys, when everyone was introduced, I felt a little better. I didn’t feel like we were strangers anymore.

    “So, you’re all from Australia? But only James is going to college?” I questioned them.

    “Yeah” I think it was Jai said, or was it Luke? I couldn’t remember they looked so alike. He looked like he was about to ask me a question, when I put a hand up to him.

    “Which are you?” My phone spoke, I pulled a worried look, hoping it didn’t offend him. The guys laughed, apart from the one I asked.

    “Luke” he sighed, it looked like he was fed up with me already.

    “So… Luke, how come you all moved to America? If only one of you is going to college here?” As I typed, there were sniggers. And once my phone said it a loud, there were even more laughs.

    “I wouldn’t listen to him” I looked around the circle looking for the voice, Beau. “It’s Jai, not Luke. He’s trying to mess with you. They do it to everyone. I guess that’s what you get for them being twins” He smiled, and I appreciated him for telling me. But I understood, Lauren and I used to do the same all the time. I decided I was going to sign to him, it was only a simple ‘thank you’, but he didn’t even understand that.

    I looked at my phone and sighed, this was going to be more difficult than I thought. My fingers tapped away at my phone.

    “I understand. I’m a twin too” That seemed to start a whole new conversation with Jai and Luke. It pretty much blocked the other three out. We were too into talking about all the tricks we played on our parents as we were kids. “You’ll be able to tell us apart though” I typed. “What with the fact that she talks, and well I don’t” That made them laugh.

    “What was the whole hand movement about?” Daniel asked, interrupting our conversation.

    “Its sign language” I signed it, I bet as they watched me they thought I was just making shit up and waving my hands around.

    It took a while for the guys to understand what I was trying to sign, every now and again I would need to type away at my phone, but they caught on quickly. I mean, sure they didn’t understand the sign language, they had after all only just started learning. However, I had managed to each teach them how to spell their names in sign. I even showed them how I sing. I played one of my favourite songs on my phone and signed along to the lyrics.

    The guys needed to get back to their house, so they said goodbye to me and James and left us alone together. He asked me for my number, which I was happy to give him. And then we too went our separate ways. The five friends I somehow managed to make were fascinated with me, and everything that I do. If only everyone could be like them, it would make my life a whole lot easier.

    From this day I promise myself that I will NOT get too close to any of these guys, I would do my all to keep a distance from these lads. Not after last time, I just can’t go through that again. It would truly break me apart. I wouldn’t even in a million years wish it upon my worst enemy.

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