1. Chapter 1

"Blake, could you please scoot to your next seat so our new student can sit?" Mrs. Georgia asked politely.

"Oh, yeah, sure," Blake blinked, sliding her things over the table and sitting in the seat to her left and looking up at the boy standing next to the teacher. He had a red bandana wrapped around his head, and was biting his lip. He wore baggy skinny jeans and a black, cut out shirt, a few bracelets scattered on his wrists.

"Class, this is Ashton," she introduced. He waved awkwardly and came to sit by me, setting his few books on the table.

"Hi," I say quietly, smiling at him. Where there is a beautiful, hot guy, there's always a girl who's not ugly, but definitely not beautiful or hot. Thats where I come in, with my wavy black shoulder length hair, boring blue eyes and tall, lanky figure. Ill be the first to say that I'm thin, although my hips are quite the opposite. My eyes are almost too big in proportion to the rest of my face, and my nose is pretty straight. My lips are quite strange, though. My top lip is thin, and my bottom large and plump. People compliment my jaw line a lot, because it's flattering to the rest of my body, square, yet pretty slim. My teeth are straight, after four years of braces in middle school, so that's nice.

"Hey," he smiles thinly, glancing at me before back down at the table.

"So... Why did you come to America?" I wonder aloud.

"How do you know I'm not from here?" He asks in an American accent, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh silly me, where do you come from?" I ask sarcastically, laughing with him when I stick my hand out. I suck in a breath at his laugh. It's like a ton of bells ringing, and it makes me giddy.

"Australia," he gives me a lopsided smile, dimples prominent in his cheeks.

"Cool," he shakes my hand, holding it a little longer than necessary. My skin looks dark in contrast to his, the Puerto Rican tan looking almost African American compared to his.

"What about you, where do you come from?" He asks me, biting his lip and letting my hand go.

"Chicago," I smile. "But I moved here with my mom, a few years ago."

"Oh, that's fun," he comments.

"Not really," I grin.

"Well..." He laughs. "I'm a foreign exchange student."

"Is that where Sidney went?"

"Sidney? She went to Sydney, that's funny," he dimples.

I laugh too at his cuteness and turn my attention to the bored., feeling him do the same.


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