This freaking song

Janoskians cometition


1. Daniel's P.O.V

Everyday is the same for me and my band mates- and to me? It never gets old. We write kick ass songs, have girls stalking us... which is creepy, by the way, girls. But I don't care! I love it, it makes me feel like I'm a somebody, an inspiration to others. I'm not in it for the girls... perhaps a little bit, but you know, it's what boy bands have to face in life. 

Anyway, every day is the same old routine for us lot. We write songs, record and film them. After that we always go to any type of cafe in the shopping mall to finish our appetites. To me, it's like my own version of paradise. 

Until today, my routine changed... probably perhaps for the better. 

      "Oh- damn, sorry!" I jerked back a little in surprise, noticing I've shoved someone by accidental... which caused the rest of my group mates to laugh. 

They probably noticed the blush plastered across my face, and for some reason... that just got me nervous a lot more. 

     "Oh, it's okay." She smiled blissfully at me, putting two strands of honey golden brown hair behind her ear. I was lucky though she couldn't see the blush on my face... because I had been a head foot taller than her. 

And there she was. Someone not famous, but so attractive. 

     "I'm Daniel," I stuttered, glancing at the band mates, who were snickering with their mouths closed tight shut, trying to keep themselves squawking with laughter. Jai and Luke's faces were flaring bright red, and their lines across their foreheads were popping out as they prevented themselves from collapsing into laughter. 

But the girl with the brown eyes and brown hair... smiled at me as if it was no big deal. 

     "I'm Kara," She extended her hand for me to shake, and I willingly shook her hand as a polite response. 

what the hell is happening to me?

My palms were sweaty, so I took back my hand before Kara could notice that my hands were sweaty too. I glanced over to the group, and Kara raised her perfectly plucked eyebrows at me. 

    "Do you know them?" She asked, folding her arms with a smug smile on her face, as if she was bound to be right. I looked sheepishly away. 

    "yeah... I do, they're my band mates," I explained quietly. In theory, Kara should have suddenly clicked and realized who I was. Because of how famous and known we've gotten. 

She didn't do that though, she just grinned. 

     "Anything I might have heard?" Kara asked as she was intrigued. 

How the hell does she not know who we are? For some reason, I felt utterly appalled as she's the first girl, I find attractive, and she doesn't even know me!

Unbelievable. So I sung the chorus of that's what she said and she just looked at me blankly. 

Beu and James were just staring at us two intently as if they were watching one of their favorite soaps series. 

     "Nope, I haven't got a clue." Kara shrugged her shoulders, but she pulled out a piece of white card, jotting down numbers with her blue Biro (yes, I remember these details) And my eyes grew wide in surprise.

Her phone number,  I realized as she handed it over to me, and from the corner of my eyes, I noticed the guys eyes grow wide in surprise, that I've actually gotten a girls number that wasn't famous.

Or at least, I think she wasn't famous. 

   "I like you, so... yeah, see you around!" kara hesitantly waved her hands as a signal for 'good bye', and rushed off. 

I exchanged a glare at the rest of the band, and this time, it was when they collapsed into laughter now that she was gone. 

At least they waited I guessed. 

   "Whoa man, good luck scoring her. I mean, she's not famous. You'll have no chance." James flashed a wolfish grin. 

We'll see about that James

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